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Picture Image Title Location Classifications
Mississippian Orthida Brachiopoda,Articulata
Fossil Fragment ,
Fossil ,
Shale clastic rocks,shale
Vertebrate Fossil ,
Reptile bones Reptilia,
Cambrian mollusk Conception Bay Arthropoda,Trilobita
Ammonoidea cephalopod Mollusca,Cephalopoda
Florissant Formation Cytisus modestus Florissant Angiospermae,
Eocene Brandon Lignite Brandon coal,lignite
Neocomian Terebratulida top view Brachiopoda,Articulata
Devonian Strophomenida dorsal view Brachiopoda,Articulata
Trenton Group Mollusca fossil South Hero Mollusca,
Ordovician articulate brachiopod Fort Cassin Brachiopoda,Articulata
Harpersville Formation Strophomenida top view Brachiopoda,Articulata
Ordovician crinoid fossils Fort Cassin Echinodermata,Crinoidea
Keokuk Limestone Batocrinus trochiscus oblique view Burlington Echinodermata,Crinoidea
Devonian Orthida dorsal view Brachiopoda,Articulata
Ordovician Pentamerida brachiopod South Hero Brachiopoda,Articulata
Ordovician Orthida dorsal view Brachiopoda,Articulata
Silurian gastropod Herault Mollusca,Gastropoda
Cretaceous Terebratulida top view Strehlen Brachiopoda,Articulata
Devonian Orthida dorsal view Burlington Brachiopoda,Articulata
Lower Cambrian articulata brachiopod dorsal view St. Albans Brachiopoda,Articulata
Mississippian Actinocrinus ornatus dorsal view Burlington Echinodermata,Crinoidea
Hamilton Group Orthida dorsal view Brachiopoda,Articulata
Mississippian Batocrinus christyi ventral view Burlington Echinodermata,Crinoidea
Brachiopod dorsal view Keokuk Brachiopoda,Articulata
Harpersville Formation Strophomenida top view Brachiopoda,Articulata
Mississippian Strophomenida Brachiopoda,Articulata
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