A sampling of pleasant things our budding CoNKsologists (students) have said about Complex Networks:

Sources: course evaluations and emails.

Season 6, Spring 2014:
  • "The class was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • It's awesome, funny, interesting, you do thigs you never thought you'd be able to.
  • What did you like about the course? "Dodds. and science."
  • The research-centric tie-ins of the lectures was great. I really felt as I was learning about both the breadth and depth of both current research and the underlying concepts—stories!—of the field of complex networks.
  • Generating functionology!
  • The projects were useful and helped reinforce both the course material with the ability to perform research tailored to the student' s interests.
Season 5, Spring 2011:
  • Engaging. Clear expertise in knowledge of complex networks, complex systems and mathematics. Ability to relate broad range of fields of study to methods.
  • I like that he gives many examples from current literature.
  • He gives lots of examples and makes connections with the real world.