How the grading works—Questions are worth 3 points according to the following scale:

3 = correct or very nearly so.
2 = acceptable but needs some revisions.
1 = needs major revisions.
0 = way off, no banana or equivalent reward.

And for the full score, you must show your working...

Summary of Assignment Scores (out of 24 with one bonus point available):

Assignment 1:
Mean=19.5, Median=20.0, Std. Dev.=2.60, Min=15, Max=25.

Assignment 2:
Mean=21.5, Median=22.0, Std. Dev.=2.16, Min=17, Max=25.

Assignment 3:
Mean=22.6, Median=23.0, Std. Dev.=2.54, Min=17, Max=25.

Assignment 4:
Mean=19.5, Median=21.0, Std. Dev.=6.01, Min=0, Max=25.

Assignment 5:
Mean=20.9, Median=21.0, Std. Dev.=2.35, Min=15, Max=24.

Assignment 6:
Mean=17.2, Median=20.0, Std. Dev.=7.08, Min=0, Max=25.

Assignment 7:
Mean=21.4, Median=22.0, Std. Dev.=2.99, Min=15, Max=25.

Assignment 8:
Mean=21.1, Median=22.0, Std. Dev.=3.21, Min=12, Max=25.

Assignment 9:
Mean=19.8, Median=23.0, Std. Dev.=7.74, Min=0, Max=25.

Assignment 10:
Mean=20.5, Median=22.0, Std. Dev.=6.02, Min=0, Max=25.