Slides from lectures:

The slides below are clickable pdf's, with links to relevant web pages, section links in the sidebar, and navigation icons at the bottom of each slide. The reference section for each set of slides includes links to papers, and superscript citation numbers link to the reference section if present (please let me know if any links behave badly).

If you want a printed copy, the handouts provide condensed and collapsed versions of the slides

The `lecture' pdf's include all the incremental reveals whereas the `slides' pdf's have flattened frames and are better for reading online.

  1. Chapter 2, Lecture 1 (Intro, the three pictures): [slides] [handout] [lecture]
  2. Chapter 2, Lecture 2 (Solving Ax = b): [slides] [handout] [lecture]
  3. Chapter 2, Lecture 7 (Review): [slides] [handout] [lecture]
  4. Chapter 6, Lecture 15 (The Fundamental Theorem of Linear Algebra, SVD): [slides] [handout] [lecture]