Midterms will take place at the end of four week blocks: Thursday 9/20, Thursday 10/18, and Thursday 11/15.

Final: Tuesday, 12/11.

All exams will be held in Room 254 Votey.

Summary of Exam Scores:
Exam 1 (out of 24):
Mean=20.6, Median=21.0, Std. Dev.=2.64, Min=14, Max=24.

Exam 2 (out of 24):
Mean=18.4, Median=19.0, Std. Dev.=4.17, Min=5, Max=23.

Exam 3 (out of 24):
Mean=20.1, Median=20.5, Std. Dev.=2.87, Min=10, Max=23.

Final Exam (out of 36):
Mean=29.7, Median=30.0, Std. Dev.=3.97, Min=19, Max=35.