University of Vermont

Office Of Student And Community Relations

Prevention & Safety

There are various resources available to you for your safety. Whether dealing with a bias incident or a crime, there are support systems in place to help you.

Bias Incidents ⊕

OSCR Safety Tips Flyer ⊕

Check out our Safety Tips Flyer (produced in partnership with SGA) for ideas on keeping yourself and your property safe. Download a copy here!

Community Justice Center ⊕

Community Justice Center - Our goal at the Burlington Community Justice Center is to help repair the relationships that are harmed by crime and conflict in our community by relying on the knowledge and wisdom of people who are impacted most. We provide a safe environment for members of the community to come together and listen to one another.

Parallel Justice Program ⊕

Parallel Justice Program - In one sentence, Parallel Justice is support for victims of crime. We offer support, validation and resources to victims of all crimes, including property crimes like vandalism or theft. We work with any victim of a crime that occurred in Burlington, even if a perpetrator is never caught, and even if the crime is not reported to the police.

UVM's Victim's Advocate ⊕

UVM's Victim's Advocate - Also known as the Victim's Advocate, Judy Rickstad is responsible for providing direct services and coordinating services on campus for victims of sexual assault, rape, stalking, and relationship violence and domestic violence. Gender-based and sexual violence affects all of us, regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, income level, ability, education, or other forms of our identity. We know that women, men, trans-identified persons experience violence. Take Action Now!

H.O.P.E. Works ⊕

H.O.P.E. Works - H.O.P.E Works provide crisis counseling and advocacy for those whose lives have been affected by sexual violence.

SafeSpace ⊕

SafeSpace - SafeSpace is a social change and social service program working to end physical, sexual, and emotional violence in the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and HIV-affected (LGBTQH) people. We provide information, support, referrals, and advocacy to LGBTQH survivors of violence and offer education and outreach programs in the wider community.

Burlington Police Department ⊕

Burlington Police Dept - The Burlington Police Dept. now offers the option of reporting low level events that do not require the collection of physical evidence, witness interviews, or follow-up investigation, via their website.For more information click here.
  • Emergency dial  911
  • Non-emergency: 802 658-2704
  • Dispatch: 802 658-2700
  • The Burlington Police Dept. also offers offers the option to subscribe (free of charge) to a messaging system called NIXLE. For more information click here.  Messages that will be sent, from time to time, include:
    • Traffic – information related to traffic problems or diversions and parking bans
    • Community Information – information about meetings that relate to public safety topics
    • Advisories – Crime Alerts and Press/Informational Releases (from events in which we are seeking information from the public or a neighborhood that may be impacted by a response or have a recognizable interest in immediate information about an event)
    • Alerts - Critical Incident Information – information on major events, emergencies, or things such as Amber Alerts, missing persons, etc.

UVM Police Services ⊕

UVM Police Services - Policing is as much about education as it is enforcement, to this end we are dedicated to working closely with our community as colleagues in developing our future leaders and creating a safe learning community. In addition to working closely with our campus community, Police Services has developed strong working relationships with local, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies. We have written mutual aid agreements that provide clear procedural directions for requesting and providing assistance for a wide variety of critical incidents. I encourage you to open the lines of communication and share with us your thoughts and insights on campus safety, crime prevention, and law enforcement. We stand ready to become the facilitators of this important dialog.

Thank you, 
Lianne M. Tuomey
Chief/Director of UVM Police Services