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Office of Student and Community Relations
  September 2011                 Off-Campus Life

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About Us:

The Pearl House

Welcome back to UVM and Burlington! We know there is much to navigate living off campus and the Office of Student & Community Relations (OSCR) created this newsletter to provide information, helpful tips, and to let you know about upcoming opportunities. Feel free to contact us with ideas for future Off-Campus Life editions! Alicia Taylor (656-9405)

Tip of the Month:


To prevent recycling from turning into trash get up to
3 free blue bins from the Dept.of Public Works, put recycling out only on the morning of your street's designated pick up day, and don't over stuff bins to prevent wind-blown litter.

Upcoming Events:



Check out all the on & off campus events that are happening this month! Like the...Back 2 School Bash w/ Brother Ali on Fri. 9/2 at 9pm in the Davis Center.
First Friday is a UVM Tradition, with an awesome show, giveaways and food! A great night to be had by all! Pre-show is free for all; tickets to Brother Ali are $5 and available at all WOW events

SGA Community Coalition
Join UVM students, community members, city and university staff as we share ideas and create programs designed to build community between the university’s students and city residents. Fri., 9/9 2-4pm at the Pearl House, 12 Colchester Ave., 1st flr.

South End Art Hop
Head down to the South End of Burlington for the 19th annual Art Hop on Sept. 9th and 10th! Local artists open up their studios and businesses along Pine Street become art galleries for the weekend! Free food, music, and entertainment are provided throughout.

Catamount Classes:
1. Basic Car Maintenance w/ Girlington Garage
Learn basic car maintenance skills and get all your car questions answered! Mon. 9/12 from 6-7pm at the Pearl House, 12 Colchester Ave., 1st flr.. RSVP here.
2. Preserving the Harvest w/ City Market
Learn to make kimchi with local cabbage and a special recipe from Korea; City Market will also demonstrate how to make your own sauerkraut with flavoring of your choice.
Tues. 9/20 from 6-7:30pm at 123 North Street.
RSVP here

Babysitter Mingler
Come meet and mingle with parents and kids from the local community that are in need of babysitters!
Sun. 9/25 10:15am-noon in the Davis Center Livak Ballroom. RSVP here.


Helpful Resources:


For additional resources,
go to page 28 of the
Off Campus Living Survival Guide.

Hurricane IreneOur thoughts go out to the UVM students, faculty,
and staff that were impacted by Hurricane Irene. If you or a friend need support there are a number of resources available on campus and in the community to help. If you are not sure where to go please contact the Office of Student & Community Relations and we will help connect you.

UVM is also joining forces with others across the state to help in the recovery effort. Volunteers and donations are still needed! Click here to learn how you can help.

like it lock it
Fall is the best time to score free bikes, laptops, iPods and cameras. . .
if you’re a thief.  

Protect yourself with common sense.  Don’t leave anything valuable in your car, even if locked, even if it’s out of sight.  Cars with chargers but no phone in view, or those with a jacket draped over a pile in the back seat is a temptation thieves won’t resist.  Ditto the cupholder with change or backpack.

Biking makes it easy to get around.  We’re not the only ones who think so.  Bikes locked to porch railings get stolen.  So do bikes left in sheds or garages.  If you want your bike to be there when you go back, get a quality U-lock and attach to something burly or metal.  It’s not as easy to carry around as a cable lock, but it’s not nearly as easy to cut through, either.

Lastly, we know it can be a drag to make sure your roommates have keys, lock the door and close and lock windows every time they leave the house, but it’s much less stressful than rewriting final papers because someone stole your laptop.  Keep your wallet and purse out of sight  – especially if people are coming over who you don’t know well.  It sucks – but it happens.  And hopefully you never need it, but if you do, renter’s insurance (most insurance companies offer it) or personal property insurance will be the best $150 you’ve ever spent.

We’re lucky that Burlington is a very safe city for its size.  While common sense is a great deterrent, it can’t guarantee that you’ll never be a victim of a crime.   If you are, Parallel Justice is here to help.  You can find us on facebook or call 540-2394.  In the meantime, remember:

Theft happens.  Lock it or lose it.

Concerned About the Safety & Condition of Your Rental Property? Here are Some Tips from VT Tenants!

Excerpt from:
What To Do About Major Code Violations
(For Burlington Tenants) A TENANT Information Sheet

Under both Vermont State law and Burlington law, tenants have the right to safe and decent housing. If you have problems in your rented housing that present real health or safety threats, then those problems violate Vermont's Warranty of Habitability law and Burlington's minimum housing codes. If there are such problems with your rental unit, here are some steps you can take.

First and Always (If at all possible), talk with your landlord about the problem. Explain what needs to be fixed. If he or she does not take action to fix the problem in a reasonably timely manner then:

--- Contact Burlington Code Enforcement (863-0442) or fill out an online Minimum Housing Complaint Form.

An inspector can order the landlord to make the needed repairs. Also, if an inspector finds serious code violations in your rental unit then the inspector's order will serve as your proof that real problems exist and it is your insurance against a retaliatory eviction.

Retaliation against a tenant for making a legitimate complaint to an inspector is illegal.

To read the full tenant action sheet click here.

--- For more info on your rights as a tenant contact:
Vermont Tenants at 864-0099.
Vermont Tenants, is located at:
294 North Winooski Avenue,
Burlington, Vermont; 05401
(802) 864-0099 or 1-800-287-7971

Front Proch Forum

Dozens of your neighbors are connected to each other online via a local invention called Front Porch Forum. Join the conversation today by SIGNING UP at and POSTING a message or two.

"As a college student and renter, I often don't have the normal tools for doing things around the house.  Front Porch Forum has been a great help at finding neighbors willing to lend out a shovel in the wintertime, a hammer & nails, or even some flour.  I definitely feel more at home here in Burlington as a student thanks to Front Porch Forum."
Matt, UVM student

More than 28,000 households subscribe across 60 VT towns, including half of Burlington and 1,000+ UVMers! Check it out today at

Brennan's coupon

Breakfast and Lunch is easy, convenient and cheaper than you may think! Did you know that as an off-campus student you’re eligible for the meal point bonus? If you add $100 or more you get a 10% bonus. If you add $250 or more you get a 20% bonus. This means that $250 buys you 300 points that won’t expire until you use them or leave UVM.  Take advantage of dining close to classes and the great value that our off-campus meal plans offer!

Dinner on campus is quick and affordable. Being able to go out for dinner or cook meals for yourself and your roommates is part of what living off campus is all about. But eating out gets expensive quickly and both dining out and cooking take a lot of time, a precious commodity here at UVM. Let us do the cooking and the cleaning for you! Stay on campus and enjoy an all-you-can-eat meal at one of our three Unlimited dining halls for one low price or take advantage of our retail points bonus to save big on a meal to take home from Brennan’s, the Marketplace, New World Tortilla or any of your favorite on-campus spots.

We encourage you try something new at Brennan’s using this great coupon and to consider how convenient and affordable dining on campus can be when you add points or meals. Contact the Meal Plan Office to add points/meals by phone or visit us in the Living/Learning A building. 802-656-2945. More information at

Moving Planet

Jump on your bike and join thousands of Vermonters for music, speakers and special guests, awareness, and the largest day of climate activism in Vermont history! 

On September 24th, Local Motion, along with UVM’s Bike Users Group, the Nor’easter festival, and 350VT are joining forces for’s Moving Planet Day.  On this day, thousands of events around the world, from Cape Town to Delhi, Buenos Aires to Berlin, will engage millions of people in taking action on the climate crisis.

To get Burlington in on the action a Capitol Ride will engage Vermonters in embracing the efficiency, affordability, and joy of biking!  The Capitol Ride will begin at 10:30am from the Nor’easter festival grounds and join more riders at the UVM Green before heading out along the easy 34-mile route to Montpelier.  In Montpelier riders will join thousands of other Vermonters for the 350 Rally at the Capitol!  Riders can get pre-ride bikes checks, enjoy an on-route resting point, and have access to transportation back from the 350 Rally.  Also, all riders receive discounts to admission at the Nor’easter festival!  Join us as Local Motion, UVM’s Bike Users Group, the Nor’easter festival, and 350VT look to move Vermont! 

For more information on the rally visit: and search for the Montpelier event. For information on the Nor’easter festival visit:  To stay up to date on the Capitol Ride please join us at our Facebook event, search on Facebook for 350 Burlington!

Safe Streets Collaborative
Ever wonder what the deal is with
bikes and stop signs?  What about crosswalks – who gets to go and when?  And what’s the best thing you can do to not get hit by a car at night?

Get answers to these questions and many more online at, a project of Local Motion, UVM, and other partners.  You’ll find the rules of the road in plain English, along with some resources for staying safe as you walk, bike, or drive between home and campus.

If you need a new bike helmet, a reflective vest, some bike lights, or any other safety gear, Local Motion cansafety gear help! 
Click here to download a $6 coupon that is good at any of the outdoor shops in town.  Being visible is one of the most important things you can do to make sure you don’t become a statistic.

The bottom line is, safety is a two-way street.  If you’re on foot and want cars to let you cross, do your part and make sure you’re visible.  If you’re on a bike and want cars to give you space, try following the same rules as cars.  And if you’re driving and want pedestrians to wait for the signal, play nice and don’t run the red light.  Give respect to get respect: 

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