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Office of Student and Community Relations

Sept. 2009

Off-Campus Life

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The Pearl House

The Office of Student and Community Relations (OSCR) provides resources and education to UVM students so that they have successful experiences living off campus. We work with students, neighbors, and city partners on creative initiatives to improve the quality-of-life in our shared community.

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True Life: I Live Off-Campus

Upcoming Events:


Become a Neighborhood Liaison!

Join us for a potluck dinner and learn about the Student-Neighbor Liaison Program and how you can access Neighborhood Grants to do fun projects on your street. Wed. 9/16 6pm at the Pearl House, 12 Colchester Ave.RSVP here.

Free Catamount Class:
Cooking Healthy on the Cheap!

Discover how to use City Market's Bulk department to its fullest and take home 10 recipes for under $10.  Learn time and money saving tips for cooking and eating well on a budget. Free food!  Tues. 9/22 6pm at the Pearl House, 12 Colchester Ave. limit 25 ppl. RSVP here.

Babysitter Mingler

Are you looking for a flexible job that pays well and is tons of fun? Come meet and mingle with parents and kids from the local community that are in need of babysitters! Join us on Saturday 9/26 10am-noon in the Davis Center Livak Ballroom. RSVP here.

Filipino American Psychology

Guest speaker: Kevin Nadal, Ph.D. Thurs. 9/17, 7:30-9pm 4th fl Davis Center Livak Ballroom. All are welcome!

Center for Cultural Pluralism Events


Check out the on & off campus events that are happening this month!

To get connected:

  • text BORED to 39649 for this week's featured event. (yup, standard rates apply.)

  • have a cool event you want on the bored calendar?


Helpful Resources:


For a more extensive list of resources, please go to page 24 of the Off Campus Living Survival Guide.

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Greetings off-campus students and welcome back to UVM and Burlington! We know there is much to navigate in living in the local community and the Office of Student & Community Relations created this newsletter to provide information, helpful tips, and to let you know about upcoming opportunities. Feel free to contact us with ideas for future Off-Campus Life editions! Alicia Taylor (656-9405)

Off-Campus Burglaries on the Rise

BurglarCriminals know when students return to town and they know your apartments are sometimes easy pickings -- all those unlocked doors and windows. Keep your property locked up and valuables such as laptops, ipods, cell phones, and bicycles out of sight and locked away when not in use. If you have roommates make sure you are all on the same page about keeping the doors/windows locked and that everyone has a working key.

To protect yourself you can also buy renters insurance. It is cheap and can be easily set up through your family's homeowners insurance or through your car insurance company. It also helps to register your property and keep a log of all of your serial numbers in case you have to prove what you own.

For more tips on crime prevention check out the
UVM Police Services and the Burlington Police Department websites. If you have been a victim of property crime in Burlington contact the Parallel Justice Program to see what services are available to you. 

Know Your Tenant Rights & Responsibilities

 A brief summary brought to you by Vermont Tenant's Inc.

Your Rights:

  • You are protected by tenant rights law even if you do not have a written lease.

  • You have the right to safe and decent housing.

  • You have the right to privacy.

  • If the landlord wants you to move, you have the right to a legal eviction notice and process.

  • You have the right to fight an eviction in court.

  • You are protected by law against retaliation from your landlord

  • You cannot be locked out without a court order called a “Writ of Possession”.

  • If you report to your landlord, in writing, that a  minor repair is needed and the landlord does not fix it within 30 days, you have the right to have it done and deduct it off your next months rent.  (can be no more than one half  months rent.)

  • You have the right to have a city health and safety official inspect your apartment and order the landlord to make repairs.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Pay rent on time.  Never pay in cash.

  • Keep apartment clean and safe.

  • Notify Landlord of any problems.

  • Take care not to cause damage. Do not fix or change things without the landlord’s permission.

  • You are responsible for your guest’s    behavior.

  • Act in a respectful manor that will not disturb neighbors.

  • Never cook over an open fire inside or on a porch.

  • Do not put cloth/stuffed furniture on a porch or outside to give away.  It is a fire hazard and against the law.

  • Put trash only in containers provided for it.

  • Recycle .

  • Never store toxic or hazardous chemicals in your apartment.

  • It is illegal and dangerous for a tenant to disable a smoke or carbon monoxide detector.

  • Your lease is a legal contract, if you move before it ends, the landlord could make you pay rent until new tenants move in.
    Give proper, written notice before you move.

Landlord Responsibilities:

  • The landlord is responsible for ALL repairs, even if you broke it.  He or she can charge you for the repair if you caused the damage.

  • As long as no money is owed for rent, utilities or damages, the landlord must return your security deposit after you move.

  • The landlord must make sure that each apartment has adequate heating and hot water systems.

  • The landlord must allow tenants full use and enjoyment of their apartment.

  • The landlord must give a tenant 48 hour notice before entering the apartment unless there is an emergency such as fire, flooding or gas leak.

  • The landlord must allow you to have guests of your choice.

  • The landlord must give a tenant proper written notice of rent increases or  termination of tenancy.

  • In Burlington apartments, the landlord must pay for trash removal (tenants renting single family homes must arrange for their own trash pick-up).

This is not intended to be legal advice.  If you are having rental problems,  please contact Vermont Tenants Inc. for help. (802) 864-0099. Walk in hours:  Mon-Fri, 9:00am-3:00pm
294 N. Winooski Ave., Burlington VT

For housing discrimination questions:
The Fair Housing Project - (802) 864-3334

For questions regarding unsafe or unhealthy housing conditions:
Burlington Code Enforcement -  (802) 863-0442

Have YOU Joined Your Front Porch Forum?

Chances are good that dozens of your neighbors and classmates are connected to each other online via a local invention called Front Porch Forum. Please join the conversation today by SIGNING UP at and POSTING a message or two. studentstalking

"As a college student and  renter, I often don't have the normal tools for doing things around the house.  Front Porch Forum has been a great help at finding neighbors willing to lend out a shovel in the wintertime, a hammer & nails, or even some flour.  I definitely feel more at home here in Burlington as a student thanks to Front Porch Forum." Matt, UVM student.

FPF hosts 130 neighborhood forums covering all of Chittenden County.  More than 15,000 households subscribe, including one-third of the City of Burlington and 1,000+ UVMers!
Check it out today at


Remember those tragic hit and runs last fall? 
Have you had a couple of close calls recently? 
Whether we're walking, driving, skating or biking,
we're all responsible for creating a culture of
safety and civility in the Queen City.  Burlington
residents and leaders have launched a
Safe Streets campaign with the message
Give Respect, Get Respect. Safety Is a 2-Way Street.
You can help out by doing these 4 things:


Yes, we'll pay you to be safe!  Cyclists, Skaters,
and Walkers - get $6 off reflective clothing, helmets
 or lights.  Drivers - get $6 off a hands free headset
so you can keep both hands on the wheel.
Download the $6 coupon here.


Help spread the word!  Distribute the materials
($6 coupons, brochures, cards, web PSAs) to friends
and neighbors.  Pick up printed materials at
 Local Motion or download them


If you see reckless behavior on our streets, report it!
Call 540-2345.  The Burlington Police will attempt to
contact the reckless driver, cyclist or pedestrian and
explain the rules of the road.  Also, your report will be
put on file to track repeat incidents by the same person.


Our next meeting is Thurs. Oct. 1st Noon to 1:30 at the Burlington Police Department.  Contact Chapin Spencer  or Lt. Bill Ward for more info.


Do You Know What Burlington
Ward You Live In?

The City of Burlington has seven wards.wards
To find out
which one you are in click here.

Each Ward has a Neighborhood Planning Assembly
(NPA). The NPA’s, working as neighborhood advocacy groups,  help improve communication between the citizens of Burlington and City government

Neil Grosberg, Ward 6 NPA Steering Committee
member, extends the following invitation to students
living in his Ward:

"Please join the Ward 6 NPA. At the monthly meetings neighbors learn about public issues, and advise the City of their concerns and needs. From neighbor-college student relations: stop signs; to major development projects, the NPA’s offer you an innovative way to get involved in neighborhood and City issues and make your opinions heard.  The university and the local colleges also provide updates so residents like you can stay informed about initiatives and activities.” 

For more details about NPA’s, click here.


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Office of Student and Community Relations

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Please call or email to make an appointment
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Alicia Taylor: Coord. Off-Campus Services,, (802) 656-9405



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