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Off-Campus Life :: Sep 2008

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Office of Student and Community Relations
September 2008

Off-Campus Life

In This Issue:

About Us

The Pearl House

The Office of Student and Community Relations (OSCR) provides resources and education to UVM students so that they have successful experiences living off campus. We work with students, neighbors, and city partners on creative initiatives to improve the quality-of-life in our shared community.

Upcoming Events

Welcome Bag Canvassing

OSCR staff will be knocking on your door throughout September to give you a free bag full of important off-campus resources!

Have a Heart Campaign Event

9/5, 9/19, and 9/26 in the campus dining halls and on strategic Burlington street corners. Get involved!

Student-Neighbor Liaison Program

First meeting and potluck on Wed. 9/17 from 6 - 8 pm at the Pearl House, 12 Colchester Ave. Get involved!

Catamount Classes

FREE & FUN non-academic classes for UVM students and neighbors. Join us on Thurs. Sept. 25 6-7pm for City Market's "Eating Well on a Budget" class. Sign up here!


Check out on-campus events that are happening this month!

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Greetings off-campus students and welcome back to UVM and Burlington! We know there is much to navigate in living in the local community and the Office of Student and Community Relations (OSCR) created this Off Campus Life Newsletter to assist you! This monthly resource will provide pertinent information, helpful tips, and advertise upcoming opportunities so your life off campus runs smoothly. We hope you find it useful and we welcome your feedback on how we can improve it in the future.

The OSCR staff members are:

We look forward to hearing from you!

Getting Connected - We Make it Easy

Buell Street Neighborhood GardenWant to get involved right where you live? Then join other students and neighbors in the Student-Neighbor Liaison Program! Liaisons have access to Neighborhood Grants to do projects like the Buell St. Neighborhood Garden; Converse Court Halloween Clean-Up; Davis Center Meet Your Neighbor Day; and the South Willard St. food drive. What projects would you and your neighbors like to see on your street? Let us know and we can work with you to make them happen!

To become a liaison, please contact Alicia Taylor at 656-9405 or

Shopping Spree for Criminals When Students Return to Town

BurglarLast year the Burlington Police Department noted a record number of laptop thefts (40+) from off-campus student apartments. Criminals know when students return to town and they know your apartments are easy pickings - all those unlocked doors and windows. Keep your property locked up and valuables such as laptops, ipods, cell phones, and bicycles out of sight or locked away when not in use.

To protect yourself you can also buy renters insurance. It is cheap and can be easily set up through your parent's/guardian's homeowner's insurance or through your car insurance company. It also helps to keep a log of all of your possessions and their serial numbers in case you have to prove what you own. For more tips on crime prevention check out the UVM Police Services and the Burlington Police Department websites.

When Uninvited Guests Knock On Your Door

Party crowdThe Fall semester has begun and about 2,500 new 1st year students have been welcomed into the UVM Community. The pattern has been hard to break of new students walking in groups of 20-40 downtown and circling the neighborhoods looking for parties. This can create a lot of problems for our off-campus students who often get expensive noise tickets as a result of  surprise visits to their apartments by these large groups. This also has a huge impact on our non-student neighbors (families, seniors, professionals, and others) who live in their thorough-fare and get awoken during the night.

We are working to better educate our on-campus population through initiatives like the Have a Heart campaign but we know that this continues to be an issue for the community, student and non-students alike. It is your right as a Burlington resident to call the police (658-2700) if you feel like a situation is getting out of hand or you can't make people leave your property. You are less likely to get in trouble if you take the initiative to responsibly manage your property.

To find out about city noise and alcohol ordinances and associated fines check out Chapter 3 in our Off Campus Living Survival Guide. For information on UVM policies for off-campus students read the UVM Statement of Expectations for Off Campus.

Keep the Stuffed Stuff Indoors!

No Couches OutsideDid you know that putting indoor furniture, like stuffed couches and chairs, on your outside porch is a fire hazard? Not to mention, it's illegal in Burlington ($500 fine!). There were two devastating fires, one in 2007 on Archibald St. and one in 2008 on No. Union St., because of porch couches catching on fire due to a misplaced cigarette flicked by a passerby. Both fires destroyed everything in sight and no one in either building had renters insurance to cover their losses.

Don't let this happen to you! For more info on fire safety go to page 20 of the Off Campus Living Survival Guide. Also check out Recycle North to find cheap plastic furniture that is safe and legal for outdoor porches.

Helping You to Make the Right Call

Here are some helpful resources that are available to you through UVM and the city.

For a more extensive list of resources, please go to page 24 of the Off Campus Living Survival Guide.


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Office of Student and Community Relations

The Pearl House
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Please call or email to make an appointment
Gail Shampnois: Director OSCR,, (802) 656-1103
Alicia Taylor: Coord. Off-Campus Services,, (802) 656-9405



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