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Enjoy the wonderful Fall weather!
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Planting a Seed
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11 Fruits & Veggies
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Trauma Yoga
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Healthy Habits
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The Roots of a Great Neighborhood

We all want to live in a cool neighborhood, with friendly neighbors, and lots to do. Now you can do that right where you live!

Join OSCR's Student Neighbor Liaison program and get money to improve the quality of life where you live.

Did you know that neighborhoods where people know each other have less crime, healthier people, and a nicer physical environment?


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Indoor Gardening

This workshop will focus on growing a steady supply of fresh greens with only a cupboard and a windowsill. Ready to harvest in just 7-10 days, these greens are good in fresh salads, stir fries, and more! Everyone will go home with a fully planted tray.

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Explore VT!

CarShare Vermont can get you to all of the good stuff happening off campus. We’ve got cars parked on campus and all over town for members to use whenever they need to drive.
And, if you’re a full-time student who’s at least 18 you’re eligible for a FREE annual membership – that’s a $150 value! Just pay a one-time application fee and our lowest driving rates (even gas and insurance are on us).
Apply now at

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Catamount Class

November 7
5 PM
Pearl House

Join us to make felted soap bars with Nelson Sears!

This event is part of our stress reduction series. Best part is you get to take home a gift or two for yourself or loved ones.

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Yoga Program
H.O.P.E. Works is offering a free and confidential trauma-informed yoga program for survivors of sexual assault and abuse. This is an opportunity which may contribute to healing and resiliency of survivors. The yoga series will begin October 5th and meet monthly on the first Saturday of each month at 1:30pm.

The yoga series is free however registration is required to attend. For info email our Victim Advocate Sarah.

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Great Free
Movie Night

Check out the Center for Cultural Pluralism's incredible Social Justice Film Series. Great movies with follow-up discussions.

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Disability Awareness

Join the UVM community as we recognize Disability Awareness Month. Events will take place across campus throughout the month of October. From inspiration lectures with nationally-recognized speakers like Marcus Engel to educational roundtables and exhibits, there is much to see and do. Celebrate the diversity of our community by attending one or more of these great events.

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Project Snowshovel

It may seem like snow is ages away. But when it starts falling, everyone needs to get out of their home safely and some people need help to do so.

We know someone who needs your help to make it to medical appointments, a neighbor's house, or even their own mailbox.

Benefits include good, old-fashioned fresh air and exercise; seeing the difference you make in someone's life; and contributing to the greater good of your community.

If you can help or want more information, contact Bev.

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Contact Us

Whether you have a specific issue, want to make some tea before class, or are just curious about what we're up to - please stop by Pearl House and let us help make your off-campus experience successful, positive and empowering.

We are located at 12 Colchester Avenue - next to John Dewey Hall and in front of the Outing Club.

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Submit My Story

We welcome your story submission (from a suggestion for a story to a finished piece). We want to hear from you!

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October 2013

Planting a Seed

How Plants Feed Us, Our Communities, & Our Relationships with Each Other

Last month's newsletter featured articles around food. This month we are focusing on plants in general. How they can make our homes healthier, our relationships fuller, and our diets better. We also have info on FREE tix, FREE classes, and Food discounts Don't worry, we got you.

We hope you enjoy it,

Amanda, Gail, Jen, John, Julianna, Rachel, Roman & Ross


By Juliana Chase and Ross Pollack

The sky was a perfect topaz blue as the sun glanced off the old houses of Isham Street, magnifying the beauty of the foliage. It was a day made for gardening. From 2 to 6:30 on Friday, twenty volunteers, including permanent residents and renters, UVM workers and students, gathered to renew the green spaces that have become an integral part of the street. After weeding the unwelcomed plants and spreading mulch in the beds, we gathered for a taco dinner and tightened our fellowship.

The mood was very lively and joyous. Phil, who has lived on the street for years, told us (with many humorous and intellectual puns) about his children and how the street has changed over time. Brian, the “general” of the operation, was extremely appreciative of the students' help and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of neighborhood attendees. His wide selection of striking mums and daffodils made the gardening process that much more enjoyable. Not to mention the bulbs we buried four inches in the soil that will sprout when spring approaches. The members of this community are definitely excited to see the results.

A recent study by the Knight foundation and Gallup poll, which interviewed 43,000 people in over 26 communities, found that the aesthetics of the community were statistically signficant [correlation] to [a sense of] community connection. The green spaces on Isham Street are not just beautiful plots of nature, but are also uniting the citizens living in the area. The Office of Student & Community Relations and the residents of Isham Street have found a simple and elegant solution to grow a proud and respectful community.

Changes for Isham Street do not end here. The residents hope to connect all of the gardens on the right-hand side of the street to create one long green space. Additionally, they want to refurbish the telephone poles. John of OSCR wishes to create a giant mural on the street to represent the exquisiteness of the plants as well as the people. Many residents agree that a large rock garden to collect rainwater would prevent flooding and be a perfect use for the end of the street. Isham Street has become a strong community through the efforts of residents and OSCR, and will continue to flourish for years to come.

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Want to Grow Fresh Air?

In this incredible and incredibly short (4 min.) TED talk, Kamal Meattle shares the 3 plants that would clean your air so well that you could live in airtight bubble and survive - as long as they did. The great thing is these are quite common plants and help with everything form low oxygen levels, asthma, and even filtering out deadly volatile organic compounds - VOCs.

Off Campus
Living Workshop

Students thinking about moving off campus (or those already living off campus) get helpful information, advice, resources, and recieve a FREE UVM Preferred Renter Card upon completion of the program. Presentations by: UVM Fire Marshal, Burlington Police Department, City Councilors, VT Tenants, Apartment Owners' Association, Off Campus Students, Burlington's Community Support Program, City Attorney's Office, Diemer Property Management and others.

Find more details here.

Eventbrite - Off Campus Living Workshops

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Guide to 11 Fruits & Veggies

from the Dailygreen

Shopping at a farmer's market is a great way to eat local - especially in Burlington where you can pick up everything from artichokes to yarn from the variety of vendors that set-up every Saturday. The Summer farmer's market in Burlington is every Saturday from 8:30-2:00 until the last Saturday in October. There is also a Winter Farmer's Market (don't worry its indoors). In this article, from Dailygreen, you get some great ideas for preparing, fruits and vegetables that ripen in the Fall.

Fall into $aving!

Break out the flannel, zip up your fleece, slip on your sweatshirt and enjoy the colors and flavors of fall in Vermont. Savor the bounty of the harvest at your favorite on-campus dining location. Did you know off-campus and commuter students can add points to their UVM ID? It’s quick and easy! Contact Dining Services today at 656 2945 and start enjoying the best of campus dining!
Need more of a reason to add points? Text 82257, keyword DININGDEAL to receive monthly dining deals exclusive to off-campus and commuter students

These offers are exclusive to off-campus and commuter students
Call Dining Services today at 802.656.2945

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Beloved Cape Breton musicians, Wendy MacIsaac and Mary Jane Lamond are touring together to promote their new CD - an NPR Top 10 Americana/Folk albums. In addition to being a world-class fiddler, piano player, and step dancer, Wendy is also a truly charming and engaging performer, full of stories and banter about her life and art.

Sound like a fun concert? Want some free tickets? Email us an answer to this question - What does ISGOOD Stand for? The answer can be found somewhere in this newsletter. A winner will be chosen at random. Good luck!

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Healthy Habits

By Rachel Peck

Fall has officially arrived, bringing with it all the things we love: football, cozy sweaters, apple picking and pumpkin spice latte’s, but as the days grow shorter so does our free time. We cut time out where we can; fitting class, jobs, studying, and our social lives all into just a few hours. There is always somewhere to be, leaving little time to eat and sleep. Takeout and frozen food begin to creep back into our diets-and the healthy eating habits or resolutions of summer fall to the lowest of our priorities.

But eating nutritious foods can give you the energy to get through that class or study session and healthy eating doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming, it can be as simple as eating an apple. Did you know that an average apple contains only 81 calories, and gives you 4 grams of dietary fiber? It also helps you retain muscle, lose weight and strengthen your immune system. Next time you’re hungry or and ready for a study break, grabbing an apple instead of a bag of chips can boost your energy and can help protect you from future illnesses, and because we all get bored of the plain old apple, here are some quick, and healthy recipe suggestions to add some fall flavor into your busy lives.

Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner - History & Mythology

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Air Plants

If you want an easy to care for plant (because you have enough oxygen in your life - see other article in this edition) you can try an "air plant." They require less care, no soil (so no heavy pots to move around) and can be displayed in a variety of interesting ways - on the wall, hanging from a ceiling, in a mason jar, or on their own on a shelf. In this article from Apartment Therapy, Josh Rosen aka the Air Plant Man, covers a lot of information to get you started. But the best series I have found on Air Plants is from Oklahoma University Extension. Here is a link to video about Caring for Air Plants.

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Two tigers in conflict.


Dealing with conflict is one of the most stressful activities most people do on a regular basis. Here are 3 easy tips for dealing with conflict:

What can help?

1. Seek to understand the other person's perspective before
sharing your own

2. Take responsibility for your contributions to the conflict -- We all contribute to the conflicts we are in!

3. Suspend judgment, stay curious!

If you need help dealing with conflict, our program offers mediation, trainings, one-on-one meetings to discuss your conflict, facilitation for groups facing conflict. For more information contact Sara Giannoni, from the Mediation Program of the Center for Student Ethics & Standards.

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