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The Office of Student & Community Relations offers you this newsletter to keep you informed on upcoming events, share great deals, and give you information that makes your off-campus experience a positive one.
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Photo of the Pearl
                                               House - a yellow, wooden
                                               building with a large
                                               front porch.


Whether you have a specific issue, want to make some tea before class, or are just curious about what we're up to - please stop by Pearl House and let us help make your off-campus experience successful, positive and empowering.

We are located at 12 Colchester Avenue - next to John Dewey Hall and in front of the Outing Club.
An image of a
                                                 light-colored baby

Babysitter Mingler

Are you a UVM student who is an experienced babysitter that is looking to earn extra cash?
Do you struggle to find a babysitter when you need one?
Are you looking for a sitter who has a flexible schedule and lives close by?

Come to the UVM Babysitter Mingler!
A chance for parents and kids in need of babysitters to meet and mingle with UVM students who want to babysit!

Babysitter Mingler
Sunday, September 23

Student Arrival: 10:00
Family Arrival: 10:30

The event lasts until 12PM.
Davis Center, Livak Ballroom
*free parking available on site

To sign up and attend, please email
Children welcome and encouraged to attend - when registering, please include the number of adults and children attending.
(And please tell all your friends!)

PLEASE NOTE: As UVM affiliates, we cannot take on the role of holding, exchanging, or advertising the particular babysitting needs of parents in the community, or the particular babysitting availability and/or qualifications of our students. We can host Babysitter Minglers where we bring students and parents together so that they can meet face to face and exchange information if they so choose. We do recommend that parents check references of the students who attended the Babysitter Mingler and use whatever screening process they would normally use when hiring a sitter.

Tip of the Month

Low & No Cost Transportation Options

Carshare Vermont
                                                   logo in various shades
                                                   of green.
Get a FREE CarShare Vermont Membership ($150 savings to you)
chittenden county
                                                 transportation authority
                                                 logo - white letters on
                                                 blue background with
                                                 green curve in the right
                                                 hand corner.
Ride the CCTA Bus for Free with UVM ID

Coming Soon...

Saturday, September 29 7:00 PM


On Saturday, September 29th, She Who Walks in the Moonlight-A Celebration of the Full Moon Through Dance will be held at North End Studio A beginning at 7:00 pm. This will be an evening of celebrating and exploring myths, rituals, and stories of the moon. This is a charity event to benefit Puppets in Education.

Logo for vermont
                                                 dodgeball association
                                                 showing a silohuette of
                                                 a person in blue holding
                                                 an orange ball.

Adult Dodgeball

Players break a sweat chucking and sidestepping foam balls at this friendly pickup competition.

Monday, September 24, 7–8PM at Orchard School in South Burlington. $5.
City Market logo. A
                                                 graphic of an onion next
                                                 to the words "City
                                                 Market" with a
                                                 smaller text below
                                                 reading "Onion
                                                 River Co-op".

Pennywise Pantry

Thursday, September 28
10am - 11am

Graphic of an
                                               apron with the word
                                               pennywise above and pantry
Learn how to fill the drawers in your fridge and the shelves of your cupboards with fresh and nutritious foods without exceeding your grocery budget.

October 2012


We're so happy to welcome you back to UVM and Burlington! We know there is much to navigate living off-campus and the Office of Student & Community Relations (OSCR) created this newsletter to provide information, helpful tips, and to let you know about upcoming opportunities. Feel free to contact us with ideas for future Off-Campus Life editions! OSCR (656-9405)
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Have you Joined Your Neighborhood Front Porch Forum?

Dozens of your neighbors are connected to each other online via a local invention called Front Porch Forum. Join the conversation today by SIGNING UP at Front Porch Forum and POSTING a message or two. Front Porch Forum
                                                 logo depicting 3
                                                 different colored birds
                                                 on a wire.

"As a college student and renter, I often don't have the normal tools for doing things around the house. Front Porch Forum has been a great help at finding neighbors willing to lend out a shovel in the wintertime, a hammer & nails, or even some flour. I definitely feel more at home here in Burlington as a student thanks to Front Porch Forum." Matt, UVM student.

FPF hosts 130 neighborhood forums covering all of Chittenden County. More than 16,000 households subscribe, including 40% of the City of Burlington and 1,000+ UVMers! Check it out today at

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Need a Job? OSCR is Hiring!!

Looking for a fun work-study job that would be great for a resume? OSCR is looking for a Communication, Media, and Design Specialist to join our staff. For more info and to set up an interview contact OSCR or call 656-9405. Picture of
                                                     dozens of hundred
                                                     dollar bills fanned

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Photo of hand
                                                 with key unlocking a

Like it? Lock it!

UVM students are prime targets for property theft because of unlocked doors and windows.

Here are some simple steps that can help prevent you from becoming another victim of theft:

  • Lock your doors (day or night), even when you are home or if you leave for just a few minutes.
  • Make sure your windows and screens are secure.
  • Use lighting inside and out so your house or apartment appears occupied.
  • Close your curtains so your possessions won’t be easily visible.
  • Keep your purse, wallet, electronics and other valuables out of sight.
  • Lock your car.
  • Take your stuff out of your car or keep them out of sight. CD’s money in the ashtray, tools, bags, small electronics even car seats can be very tempting.
  • Get to know your neighbors so you are familiar with who is supposed to be in the area. Let a trusted person know when you will be away so unusual activity is noticed.
Call the Burlington Police Department if something happens (658-2700). You may not get your stuff back; however, the police can track patterns and figure out who is responsible. You can also call the Parallel Justice Program for victims of crime to see what kind of resources and support they can provide to you (540-2394). Registering your possessions on the UVM Police Services website and purchasing Personal Property Insurance or Renter's Insurance ahead of time can also help cover losses due to theft.

Crime Prevention is Everyone's Responsibility.

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Concerned About the Safety & Condition of Your Rental Property? Here are Some Tips from VT Tenants!

Excerpt from:
What To Do About Major Code Violations
(For Burlington Tenants) A TENANT Information Sheet

Under both Vermont State law and Burlington law, tenants have the right to safe and decent housing. If you have problems in your rented housing that present real health or safety threats, then those problems violate Vermont's Warranty of Habitability law and Burlington's minimum housing codes. If there are such problems with your rental unit, here are some steps you can take.

First and always (If at all possible), talk with your landlord about the problem. Explain what needs to be fixed. If the landlord does not take action to fix the problem in a timely manner, then:

--- Contact Burlington Code Enforcement (863-0442) or fill out an online Minimum Housing Complaint Form.

An inspector can order the landlord to make the needed repairs. Also, if an inspector finds serious code violations in your rental unit, then the inspector's order will serve as your proof that real problems exist and it is your insurance against a retaliatory eviction.

Retaliation against a tenant for making a legitimate complaint to an inspector is illegal.

To read the full tenant action sheet click here.

Photo of a glass
                                                 door with a "For
                                                 Rent" sign hanging
                                                 on it.--- For more info on your rights as a tenant contact:Vermont Tenants at 864-0099.

(Note that Vermont Tenants office will be unavailable October 9 please contact VT Legal Aid at 800-889-2047 until then.)
Vermont Tenants, is located at:
294 North Winooski Avenue,
Burlington, Vermont; 05401(802) 864-0099 or 1-800-287-7971

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Ever wonder what the deal is with
A graphic of a
                                                     street with a dotted
                                                     white line in the
                                                     shape of an
                                                     "S" with a
                                                     upside down yellow
                                                     triangle in the
                                                     background.bikes and stop signs? What about crosswalks – who gets to go and when? And what’s the best thing you can do to not get hit by a car at night?

Get answers to these questions and many more online at, a project of Local Motion, UVM, and other partners. You’ll find the rules of the road in plain English, along with some resources for staying safe as you walk, bike, or drive between home and campus.

If you need a new bike helmet, a reflective vest, some bike lights, or any other safety gear, Local Motion canhelp!
Click here to download a $6 coupon that is good at any of the outdoor shops in town. Being visible is one of the most important things you can do to make sure you don’t become a statistic.

Image of
                                                     discount coupon that
                                                     has logos 7 local
                                                     bike businesses.

The bottom line is, safety is a two-way street. If you’re on foot and want cars to let you cross, do your part and make sure you’re visible. If you’re on a bike and want cars to give you space, try following the same rules as cars. And if you’re driving and want pedestrians to wait for the signal, play nice and don’t run the red light. Give respect to get respect:

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