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Office of Student and Community Relations
October 2008

Off-Campus Life

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About Us

The Pearl House

The Office of Student and Community Relations (OSCR) provides resources and education to UVM students so that they have successful experiences living off campus. We work with students, neighbors, and city partners on creative initiatives to improve the quality-of-life in our shared community.

Upcoming Events


Join OSCR for Cookies, Cocoa, and Queers from 4-5pm on Wed. Oct. 15th at LGBTQA Services in the Allen House.

Meet Your Neighbor Day

Ever wonder who lives in your neighborhood? Join us on Thurs. Oct. 23rd from 11am-1pm as we welcome parents and kids from the community up to UVM for lunch and a Halloween parade! Sign up here to volunteer!

Catamount Classes

FREE & FUN non-academic classes for UVM students and neighbors. Join us on Thurs. Nov 6th  6-7:30pm at the Pearl House, 12 Colchester Ave.  for Purple Shutter Herb's Spa Kit Making class. RSVP here!

Student-Neighbor Liaison Program

Next meeting and potluck on Wed. Oct. 15th from 6 - 8 pm at the Pearl House, 12 Colchester Ave. Get involved!


Check out on-campus events that are happening this month!

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Helpful Resources:

For a more extensive list of resources, please go to page 24 of the Off Campus Living Survival Guide.

Bike in fall

Be Green & Save Some CASH!

The cold season is quickly approaching and with rising fuel costs many off-campus students will brace for the financial impact of rising heating bills. However, even in Vermont there are a few things that we all can do to keep our utility bills down this winter and make our homes greener and more comfortable.

Come learn from VT Gas and the Burlington Electric Dept. how to weatherize your apartment and save CASH this winter through energy efficiency at the      Go Green at Home: strategies for making your home more green  tabling fair on Thursday November 6th from 11am-3pm in the Davis Center Atrium 1st floor.

In addition to energy efficiency information Chittenden Solid Waste District will be there to provide information on recycling and composting and Local Motion will have tips on sustainable transportation options and all season bike commuting.

FREE weatherization giveaways for the first 50 students that attend!

Sponsored by OSCR, the Office of Sustainability, and Student Life Campus Programs.

For more information contact:

Have YOU Joined Your Front Porch Forum?

Chances are good that dozens of your neighbors and classmates are connected to each other online via a local invention called Front Porch Forum. Please join the conversation today by SIGNING UP at and POSTING a message or two.

FPF hosts 130 neighborhood forums covering all of Chittenden County.  More than 10,000 householdsstudentstalking subscribe, including one-third of the City of Burlington!

People use this free service in hundreds of ways, including to organize a community meeting, find a babysitter or a babysitting job, help an elder live at home, find lost keys, report a home break-in, debate a road project, recommend a mechanic, discuss ballot items leading up to Town Meeting Day, and lots more.

All of this is done with clearly identified nearby neighbors, so that over time a familiarity accumulates and people feel more connected.  That's when the conversation often moves from the virtual to the actual front porch.  FPF frequently sparks block parties, group yards sales, neighborhood projects (e.g., new playground, clean-ups), public hearings on challenging issues, and more.

Check it out today at

Bike Safety Tips

You may have heard in the local news or on campus that a UVM student and cyclist, Rose Long, was bikesafetybadly injured in an bike accident downtown. Thankfully, because she was following the rules of the road and wearing a helmet, the accident was far less tragic than it could have been. We wish Rose a quick and healthy recovery and hope that the tips below will help increase awareness about what cyclists can do to protect themselves when biking to and from campus.

  1. Wear a helmet.

  2. Ride with traffic and treat stop signs, traffic lights, and one-way streets as if you were driving a car.

  3. Signal your intentions before you stop, turn, or change lanes.

  4. Keep your ears open for hearing traffic               (don't use an ipod or cell phone).

  5. Yield to pedestrians and warn before you pass. Use extra caution around kids and dogs.

  6. Be visible. Wear bright colors, use head and tail lights at night.

  7. Ride predictably - in a straight line, don't swerve between parked cars & watch for opening car doors.

  8. Report dangerous drivers to the police   (description of the incident, a license plate #, make, model, time, and place).

  9. When you are driving or in a car with someone else remember to share the road and be mindful of pedestrians and cyclists.

For more information about bike and pedestrian advocacy in Burlington visit Local Motion and download their FREE $6 safety gear coupon here. The safety tips above were taken from  Vermont Bicycle and Pedestrian Coalition.

If you would like to help Rose in her recovery the UVM Cycling team has set up a website to raise funds to help cover her medical costs.

Contribute to Rose's medical costs:

Read Rose's blog about her recovery:

Halloween Safety

Autumn is here! The leaves are turning and its getting healthpromotiondark much earlier…just in time for some October haunting. The staff at   Health
Promotion  Services 
would like for you to have as safe and memorable a Halloween as possible.

In an effort to do so, consider these tips:

  • If you choose to drink, ensure that you eat before and during drinking, keep track of how many beverages you consume, where your drink has been, and that you drink water or another non-alcoholic beverage between every alcoholic drink.

  • If you choose to engage in sexual activity, use  protection to reduce the possibility of passing or contracting a sexually transmitted infection.

  • Someone who has been drinking heavily is legally unable to give consent. So, if you have been drinking, consider getting the person’s number and meeting up for dinner the next day instead of engaging in sex while you are under the influence of alcohol.

If there are people around you who aren’t following these tips and things go sour, remember that the Burlington Police are just a phone call away 658-2700.  If someone is passed out and can’t be woken up, it’s time to call.

These are just a few things to think about this Halloween. As the leaves fall and the wind turns cold, remember these things to help in keeping Halloween safe.

Also check out OSCR's Personal Safety and Relationship Violence brochure for additional safety information. 

Next Step: Student Sharing in a  Social Justice Journey

Have you ever wanted to stretch yourself around issues of social justice in an environment that was safe and inviting?  Do you feel like you need more experience or tools to be a real ally or advocate?  Have you ever wanted to be surrounded by folks who were also committed to engaging in conversations about power and privilege?  Have you wanted to get connected to a network of other people who are excited about making the world a more equitable place?nextstep

Then the Next Step is for you!  This 2 and a half day retreat brings together 80 members of the UVM community, all of whom are excited about this type of work.  This is not a lecture based experience.  You will spend the weekend engaged in dialog and activities with your peers.  You will learn about yourself and those around you through this dynamic opportunity.

To learn more about the retreat or to download the application, go to and read all about it.  The deadline to apply for a spot as a participant is October 31 at noon.  Email with questions.


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