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November 2014
November Break!
In This Issue...
Women's Center Open House
Leaving for Break, Secure Your Apartment!
Love Ice Sculpture? This One Is Your Worst Nightmare
Bike Thefts Rising
So You Thought You Knew What Thanksgiving Commemorated?

November 2014

Well it is finally November.

Midterms are over and break is just 10 short days away.

But there is plenty to do before that most deserved of breaks. In this issue we have information on the Women's Center Open House, information on what to do when leaving your apartment vacant for a week in freezing temperatures, and some fascinating information on alcohol use in the US. Let us know what you think.

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The UVM's Women's Center invites you to our


November 13, 2014
3:00 - 5:30
34 South Williams Street
(Behind Waterman)

Stop by the Women's Center anytime for a chance to BUILD COMMUNITY, LEARN about the Center, and GET TO KNOW OUR NEW STAFF! REFRESHMENTS will be served.

For more information please contact: Enmy Soler 802.656.7892

Leaving for Break,
Secure Your Apartment

Burglaries and larcenies are usually crimes of opportunity. Whether you are going home during an extended university break, or are just leaving town for a couple of days, the following tips are ways to increase the security of your residence:

  • Make sure all windows and doors are locked and close your curtains and blinds.
  • Do not hide spare keys in places outside.
  • Arrange for a friend, neighbor whom you trust, or the landlord to watch over your house while you are away.
  • Take anything of value home with you. Don’t leave any valuable items near windows.
  • Stop mail and paper delivery or arrange for a friend/neighbor to pick it up daily.
  • Bring bikes indoors if you can.

If something happens, call the Burlington police (658-2700). If you kept serial numbers in a property log, you have a better chance of getting your stuff back - recently UVM Polices Services recovered dozens of bike seats but could not return them to owners because few reported the thefts. Police also track patterns and may be able to figure out who is responsible, so even if you don't get your stuff back you may prevent future crimes.

If you do suffer a burglary you can also call the Parallel Justice Program for victims of crime to see what kind of resources and support they can provide to you (540-2394). Registering your possessions on the UVM Police Services website and purchasing Personal Property Insurance or Renter's Insurance ahead of time can also help cover losses due to theft.

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Ice Sculpture NightmarePhoto Source: KompareIt

We wish you well as you begin to wrap up work before November Break. Keep these tips in mind if you plan to leave town for an extended period of time:

  • Keep thermostat above 55 degrees in your apartment to avoid frozen pipes.
  • Open the doors below your kitchen sink to allow warm air to get to them.
  • Keep interior doors open to so there is a little heat in each room.
  • Make sure all windows and doors are locked and close your curtains and blinds - this keeps your home from prying eyes and also keeps in more heat.
  • Make sure the LAST person to leave the apartment for break knows to do all these things.

In freezing temperatures, it doesn't take long for things to go very wrong. If you are responsible for the damage, it could cost you thousands in repairs. Even, if it isn't your fault, you will still lose all your damaged property - another good reason to get renter's insurance.

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Bike Thefts Rising

(1) Help! Seeking Stolen Mountain Bike College Street My yellow and black Cannondale mountain bike...
(2) Seeking Stolen Bike North Winooski Ave My Trek brand 820...
(3) Seeking Stolen Bike Sherman Street My KONA Cindercone white with red...
(4) Seeking Missing Bike Alert! Loomis St Hi Neighbors. Sometime between...
(5) Seeking Stolen Bike Isham Street Hi everyone! My bike got stolen a couple days ago. It is a Trek 330 roadbike...
A few of my friends' bikes have also been stolen this week! So make sure to keep your bikes locked up or bring them inside.

Clearly bike thefts have been on the rise lately. If you are a member of a Front Porch Forum, which is recommended to keep up to date on the happenings in your neighborhood, you would have noticed this already. Here are a few handy tips to keep that bike in your possession:

Photo of a kyptonite
                                             u-lock with cable.
  • Buy and correctly use a U-lock and cable
  • Remember the longer it takes to lock up, the longer it takes to steal
  • Use sturdy objects - porch railings are NOT a good choice, try lampost or bike racks where available
  • If you are leaving for an extended period of time, consider bringing it indoors - carefully so you don't damage any drywall or door frames.

So You Thought You Knew What Thanksgiving Commemorated?


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