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Office of Student and Community Relations
  November 2011                  Off-Campus Life

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About Us:

The Pearl House

We know there is much to navigate living off campus and the Office of Student & Community Relations (OSCR) created this newsletter to provide information, helpful tips, and to let you know about upcoming opportunities. Feel free to contact us with ideas for future Off-Campus Life editions! Alicia Taylor (656-9405)

Tip of the Month:
Don't Get Towed this Winter!


There is a warning system of yellow lights mounted to utility poles throughout the city. When these lights are activated all vehicles need to be off the streets from 10PM to 7AM or they will be towed and fined.

There are 3 ways to find out about parking bans in Burlington, VT:

1. Subscribe to Nixle for info/updates to be sent to your cell phone or e-mail (Nixle group is: Burlington, VT Police Department)

2. Subscribe to YahooGroups for info/updates to be sent to your cell phone or e-mail
(YahooGroup is called: burlingtonparkingban)

3. Call (802) 658-SNOW (7669)

NOTE: Residents can park in any city owned parking garage from 10PM to 7AM free of charge during a parking ban.

Upcoming Events:


Check out all the on & off campus events that are happening this month!

SGA Community Coalition
Join UVM students, community members, city and university staff as we share ideas and create programs designed to build community between the university’s students and city residents. Fri., 11/4  2-4pm at the Pearl House, 12 Colchester Ave., 1st flr.

Community Potluck!
Join other UVM students and Burlington community members for a potluck dinner on Mon. 11/14 at 6pm to learn about the Student-Neighbor Liaison Program and how you can access Neighborhood Grants to do fun projects on your street! The Pearl House, 12 Colchester Ave., 1st flr. For more info.

2 Free Catamount Classes!

1. Money Management

Have money questions? People's United Bank is here to help! Join us for a basic Money Management class on Wed. 11/9 from 6:30-7:30pm at the Pearl House, 12 Colchester Ave., 1st floor. RSVP here.

2. Herbs for Holiday Cheer!

The holidays are fast approaching bringing with them excitement, stress, anticipation, exams, traveling & gifts.
We’ll create four useful & gift-giving projects, which will provide an evening of comradery, fun, relaxation & oh yeah, some herbal knowledge! Tues. 11/15 6-8pm at the Pearl House, 12 Colchester Ave., 1st floor. RSVP here.

Helpful Resources:


For additional resources,
go to page 28 of the
Off Campus Living Survival Guide.


Halloween Clean Up

Many thanks to volunteers from Greek Life, SGA, IRA, APO, the Dewey House, on and off-campus students and neighbors that helped with the Halloween Neighborhood Clean Up on Sunday! Collectively we removed 19 bags of trash and 6 bags of compost from our neighborhood streets!

Get a Great Discount on your CarShare Vermont Membership ($150 off)!

Living and going to school in Burlington means you can easily get around on your own two feet, a bike, or ride the bus for free. When you do need a car,CarShare VT CarShare Vermont has ten vehicles parked in convenient spots all over town and on campus that you can use by the hour or day. To make it easier than ever to utilize this great service, UVM is happy to annouce that all fullltime students can join CarShare Vermont and the $150 annual membership fee will be waived. You'll be responsible for any driving you do and a one-time $30 enrollement fee. To learn how to take advantage of this great deal visit To learn more about other campus transportation services be sure to check out the Campus Area Transportation Management Association (CATMA) at

Also, CarShare Vermont is hiring a fulltime AmeriCorps VISTA to help launch and mange its new MobilityShare program. If you're looking to work for a nonprofit that is making a big difference for our community, visit

A New Community Arts Center in the
Old North End!

Where else could you find a Brazil Fest, a 60’s rock band called Mellow Yellow, and Forza (a Samuari Sword Workout)?  At the North End Studios at 294 North Winooski in the heart of Burlington’s Old North End!

North End StudiosNorth End Studios

The North End Studios is a community arts center located in the Old North End, one of the most culturally diverse places in Vermont. The North End Studios A and B are the physical center for the Vermont Performing Arts League, and  have a year-round schedule of events, presenting a wide range of concerts, theater productions, dance events, film showings, lectures, and much more. The Studios provide affordable rental space for artists, community organizations and individuals for performances, meetings, workshops, classes and social gatherings.   Studio A offers gallery space for rotating exhibits by local visual artists, and houses both literary and music libraries for public use.

The Vermont Performing Arts League is also the presenter of the Vermont International Festival which was named one of the Top Ten Winter Events in Vermont for 2011-2012 by the Vermont Chamber of Commerce . 

For more info go to , email, or call 802-863-6713. Find us on Face Book at The North End Studio.

A Constructive Response to Noise Tickets

Have you received a noise ticket and wish to do something
to help your neighbors and reduce your fine?

The Burlington Community Justice Center offers a restorative noise program. If you are willing to accept responsibility for causing noise that negatively impacted the community, you can reduce your fine by $100 by participating Community Justice Centerin a two-hour session where you will learn about the history of Burlington, how to avoid future tickets, and ways to solve the issue of noise in our community. You can reduce your fine by an additional $100 by performing 10 hours of community service. If you choose to participate, the remainder of your fine goes to the Parallel Justice Victims Fund, which helps victims of crime restore their safety needs.

The noise program aims to be a constructive process for you and the community. As one UVM student and program participant recently remarked, “Getting a ticket by itself only teaches me to not make noise so that I don't have to pay a fine. This experience helped me see that I shouldn't make noise because it hurts my neighbors.”

To get started, the first step is to contact the Community Justice Center within seven days of recieving a ticket and before you send your ticket to the Judicial Bureau or do any community service. We'll explain the process, schedule you for a noise session, discuss community service opportunities, and answer your questions. Contact Anneke Hohl at 865-7169 or

PB & J Getting Old?

“Leaf” the cold sandwich behind and warm up to campus dining! “Rake” in the savings with a meal plan and reap the benefits of our bonus offer! Start your account with as little as $10 and add points anytime. Add between $100 and $249 and we'll give you a bonus of 10% additional points! Add $250 or more and we'll give you a bonus of 20% additional points.

So what does that all mean? $100 gets you 110 meal points and $250 gets you 300 meal points, your ticket to saving while you dine on campus! To sign up for a Plan call the Meal Plan Office at 802.656.2945 or visit them at A110 Living & Learning Complex.


Looking for a way to make an impact on the UVM community?

Join the Peer Conduct Board! PCB consists of students who are trained on university policies and the conduct process. Members meet once per week to hear their peers' alleged policy violations, determine responsibility, and choose appropriate sanctions.

Information sessions will be held on November 9 in the Harris Millis Multipurpose Room from 7:30 to 8:15pm and on November 15 in the Wing-Davis-Wilks Multipurpose Room from 7:30 to 8:15pm. Come find out more about this great opportunity!

If you have any questions, please contact Laura Birdsall, Graduate Coordinator for Student Staff Recruitment, Selection, and Training at

Save Some $$$ This Winter!

Heating: You can save 5% of your annual heating costs for everybuttonupyourhome 5 degrees you set your thermostat back (make sure to always keep heat above 55 degrees to avoid frozen water pipes!). Turn heat down during the day when you are out of the house.

Weatherization: A lot of heat escapes through leaks. Ask your landlord if you can weatherstrip doors and windows. Installing plastic sheets on widows can improve insulation noticeably. Do-it-Yourself Kits that cover up to 6 windows are available for $12-16 in most hardware stores.

Lighting: Turn off all unnecessary lights. By replacing five of the most frequently used light bulbs in your home with compact florescent bulbs; you could save $60 in energy costs per year!

Cooking: Use a microwave or toaster oven when preparing small portions.  Keep all pots covered and refrain from opening conventional oven while in use (25 degrees of heat escapes each time an oven is opened!).

Appliances/Electronics: Many things consume electricity even while they are “off” - TV's, computers, etc.  Save energy and money by unplugging these devices while they are not in use (putting them on shared power strips/surge protectors makes this a lot easier to do!).

Water Use: Heating water accounts for approximately 15% of an average household energy bill.  To save hot water, take quick showers and replace shower heads with low flow units. Use washing machines and dishwashers with full loads only.  Use cold water when using a washing machine; it is equally effective at getting clothes clean.

For more info on energy efficiency and weatherization contact Efficiency VT, VT Gas, or Burlington Electric.

Protect Your Property While Out of Town

secureyourhomeBurglaries and larcenies are usually crimes of opportunity. Whether you are going home during an extended university break, or are just leaving town for a couple of days, the following tips are ways to increase the security of your residence:

  • Make sure all windows and doors are locked and close your curtains and blinds.

  • Do not hide spare keys in places outside.

  • Arrange for a friend, neighbor whom you trust, or the landlord to watch over your house while you are away.

  • Take anything of value home with you. Don’t leave any valuable items near windows.

  • Stop mail and paper delivery ( or arrange for a friend/neighbor to pick it up daily.

If something happens while you are away call the Burlington police  (658-2700). You may not get your stuff back however the police can track patterns and may be able to figure out who is  responsible. You can also call the Parallel Justice Program for victims of crime to see what kind of resources and support they can provide to you (540-2394). Registering your possessions on the UVM Police Services website and purchasing Personal Property Insurance  or Renter's Insurance ahead of time can also help cover losses due to theft.

Your Input Needed!
On-Campus Housing Focus Group

The Department of Residential Life is embarking on a Housing Master Plan that will help us determine our short and long term housing needs for the next 10-15 years. This ResLifemaster plan project will include survey's and focus group interviews of various constituents to gather important history and feedback about current facilities and future needs.

With this in mind we would like your input as a student living off-campus for a focus group on Thursday, November 3rd 9-10pm at Harris-Millis in the Garage Room (115).

We, ResLife and our consultant Tom Hier, feel that meeting with you would be important to discuss some of the following topics: The trends of students needs, how has housing impacted your experience while at UVM, and any other topics that may impact you regarding housing in the area.

This is an important university initiative and we are trying to reach a broad spectrum of students, faculty and staff in looking at our short term and long term housing needs for UVM.

For questions, please contact

Office of Student and Community Relations

The Pearl House
12 Colchester Ave, 1st floor (map)
Burlington, VT 05405

Please call or email to make an appointment
Gail Shampnois: Director OSCR,, (802) 656-1103
Alicia Taylor: Coord. Off-Campus Services,, (802) 656-9405

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