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November 2010

Off-Campus Life

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The Pearl House

The Office of Student and Community Relations (OSCR) provides resources, education, and support to UVM students so that they have successful experiences moving and living off campus. We also work with students, neighbors, and city partners on creative initiatives to improve the quality-of-life in our shared community.

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True Life: I Live Off-Campus

Upcoming Events:


Election Day
Unsure where to vote on Nov. 2nd? Want to see what items are on the ballot? Click here for more information.

UVM Job Fair
Wed. 11/3 from 2-5pm in the Davis Center.
See who is coming!

Winter Farmer's Market

The market will be held in Memorial Auditorium (corner of Main and S. Union). from 10am-2pm two Saturdays a month all winter! First winter market Sat. 11/6. To see the full schedule click here.

UVM Veteran's Day Celebration
SGA will be hosting a Veteran's Day Celebration on Thurs. 11/11 from 9-11am in Billings North Lounge. The event is open to all.

Next Step Social Justice Retreat
Develop your knowledge and skills about your own social identities and learn how to become better change agents and activists against racism, sexism, heterosexism, ableism, religious discrimination, classism and other socially constructed oppressions. Applications due 11/15 at 5pm. Apply Today!

Catamount Class:
Spice Up Your Table!

Have you ever wanted to add a little zest to your food? It’s simple, tasty & gets your creative juices flowing. Laura, from Purple Shutter Herbs will be your head chef for having fun while putting together some inventive additions to your cooking.
Tues. 11/16, 6-7:30pm.
RSVP here.

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Helpful Resources:


For a more extensive list of resources, please go to page 24 of the Off Campus Living Survival Guide.

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Beneath the Leaves
by Jarrod Szydlowski

The sidewalks and curbs were littered with all sorts of colors on that October afternoon. Fred Stetson deftly snatched them all up, one by one. His hands flexed instinctively, collecting all the colors in his bag: thecurbside garbage reds, the yellows, the oranges, and the greens. He also collected the blues, the metallic grays, the blacks and the ever-reflective whites. Sometimes, Stetson snagged some leaves by mistake—but only a few—and there was always some piece of trash sandwiched somewhere between those bunches of foliage.

Over a year ago, Burlington resident Fred Stetson began picking up around his property and his neighbors'. What initially started as an informal habit has since snowballed into an organized effort with the involvement of UVM’s Office of Student and Community Relations, local residents, and students from the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources. Read the full story here.

Jarrod Szydlowski is a work-study student with the Office of Student & Community Relations and Fred Stetson is a Student-Neighbor Liaison on No. Union Street.

Save Some $$$ This Winter!

Heating: You can save 5% of your annual heating costs for every 5 degrees you set your thermostat back (make sure to always keep heat above 55 degrees to avoid frozen water pipes!). Turn heat down during the day when you are out of the house.

A lot of heat escapes through leaks. Ask your landlord if you can weatherstrip doors and windows. Installing plastic sheets on widows can improve insulation noticeably. Do-it-Yourself Kits that cover up to 6 windows are available for $12-16 in most hardware stores.

Lighting: Turn off all unnecessary lights. By replacing five of the most frequently used light bulbs in your home with compact florescent bulbs; you could save $60 in energy costs per year! 

Cooking: Use a microwave or toaster oven when preparing small portions.  Keep all pots covered and refrain from opening conventional oven while in use
(25 degrees of heat escapes each time an oven is opened!).

Appliances/Electronics: Many things consume electricity even while they are “off” - TV's, computers, etc.  Save energy and money by unplugging these devices while they are not in use (putting them on shared power strips/surge protectors makes this a lot easier to do!).

Water Use: Heating water accounts for approximately 15% of an average household energy bill.  To save hot water, take quick showers and use washing machines and dishwashers with full loads only.  Use cold water when using a washing machine; it is equally effective at getting clothes clean.

For more info on energy efficiency and weatherization contact Efficiency VT, VT Gas, or Burlington Electric.

Winter is Coming...Don't Get Towed!

Burlington maintains a warning system of yellow lights mounted on utility poles throughout the snow-bancity. These lights are activated when a snow parking ban is declared or when street maintenance, such as sweeping, will occur. When the lights are on, parking is prohibited on any street in the residential areas from 10:00PM to 7:00AM. Vehicles towed or found in violation of the snow ban or street maintenance ban will be ticketed ($95.00 fine).

During a Parking Ban residents are permitted to park in any city-owned parking garage from 10PM to 7AM with no charge. Please do not park on the top level of any garage in order that it, too, can be plowed. To subscribe to the Burlington Parking Ban Notification Listserv send an email to go to, or call 802-658-SNOW. 

Protect Your Property While Out of Town

secureyourhomeBurglaries and larcenies are usually crimes of opportunity. Whether you are going home during an extended university break, or are just leaving town for a couple of days, the following tips are ways to increase the security of your residence:

  • Make sure all windows and doors are locked and close your curtains and blinds.

  • Do not hide spare keys in places outside.

  • Arrange for a friend, neighbor whom you trust, or the landlord to watch over your house while you are away.

  • Take anything of value home with you. Don’t leave any valuable items near windows.

  • Stop mail and paper delivery ( or arrange for a neighbor to pick it up daily.

If something happens while you are away call the Burlington police  (658-2700). You may not get your stuff back however the police can track patterns and may be able to figure out who is  responsible. You can also call the Parallel Justice Program for victims of crime to see what kind of resources and support they can provide to you (540-2394). Registering your possessions on the UVM Police Services website and purchasing Personal Property Insurance  or Renter's Insurance ahead of time can also help cover losses due to theft.

Halloween Efforts a Success!

Many thanks to SGA, APO, and IRA for their help with our Halloween Have a Heart Campaign on Friday. They delivered 800 fliers and chocolates to UVM students to help spread the Have a Heart message which works to  reduce late night noise and disruption off campus.

Also many thanks to the 30 students volunteers from Pi Beta Phi, APO, Class Council 2013, Alpha Delta Pi, SGA, Kappa Sigma, Alpha Chi Omega, and theclean up general student body who came out to help clean up the neighborhoods near campus on Halloween day. Collectively we picked up 28 bags of trash which is amazing!

If you are interested in joining us for a future Have a Heart event or neighborhood clean up email

SGA logo

Student Neighborhood
Initiative Grant

isham street

Did you ever wonder what your street would be like if it had more gardens; less trash; more people saying hello; …  Well, the Student Government Association (SGA) can transform your wonder into reality through its Student Neighborhood Initiative Grant.

The SGA and COLA have dedicated $1,000 to strengthen student involvement in the Burlington community.You bring your good ideas for your neighborhood and SGA can help make them happen!  If you are interested in applying you can find the grant application on the Lynx under the Campus Feed section on the home page under the event board.  

Please email Lucas Morgan if you have any questions, comments or concerns.


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