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January 2015
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March 2015

Many legends surround both Saint Patrick and the celebration of his life - check out the infographic below. We hope that this year's St. Patick's Day shows again how much we care for this place we share by celebrating in ways that lessen the impact and keep us safer:

You can also learn more fun facts over at the History Channel.

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As Spring begins the annual thaw more critters, both domestic and wild, will become more active. Know what to do when you suspect a rabid animal, find injured wildlife or need to get a license for your dog.

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Know Your Loan

In this infographic from $ALT you can see loans, limits and interest rates. For more information click on the image and open a FREE account to access all of $ALT's resources - they are a UVM Partner!

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Dismantling Rape
Culture Conference

The 2015 Dismantling Rape Culture Conference planning committee invites you to join us in April for a unique and provocative campus event. This year's keynote speaker is Sandra Kim, is the Founding CEO and Co-Publisher of Everyday Feminism, one of the largest independent feminist media sites in the world, with 4.5 million visitors per month from over 200 countries.

This annual conference, now in its ninth year, will offer an opportunity for training, education and awareness in which participants will consider ways that we might all shift, disrupt, and, ultimately, dismantle rape culture*.

Learn more about the conference.

*From the conference website: Rape culture exists when prevalent attitudes, norms, practices and media condone, normalize, excuse and encourage sexual violence.

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Get a Job & Brag About it!

Find Jobs and Internships at the Spring Job Fair on March 18!

Over 125 national & Vermont employers will be in the Davis Center from 2-6pm. This is a great place to network, get leads, find full and part-time employment, summer jobs, & internships! This event is for all UVM students from all majors and class years. Dress professionally and bring your resume. Career Center staff will be available to help you during the event. Review the companies attending and get tips for preparing online:

Seniors: Got Post Grad Plans? It's OK to Brag a Little.

Here's the truth: the value of your degree increases with UVM's reputation. To strengthen our ratings and comply with federal reporting we need to know what our grads are doing after graduation. From now until 6 months after you graduate, please Share Your Success when you land a job or get admitted to grad school. When you know – please let us know! It's a win - win.
Already have confirmed plans: work, service, or graduate school? Share Your Success! Please take 3 minutes now to complete the Class of 2015: Career Outcomes Survey

*Attend the next Senior Workshop: Interviewing, Get the Job: Tues. March 24, 12pm.

Still figuring out your next steps? Totally normal. Fill out the survey later and let UVM help You!

Stop by the Hub during Career Center Drop-in Hours: M-TH:1-4pm, F: 1-3pm.

Utilize the 4 Year Plan for Career Success and the Job Search Checklist to guide your efforts.
And find UVM alumni on LinkedIn: University of Vermont Career Connection and UVM Alumni Association.

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The Climate Game Vermontivate! They've got a brand new website, a fresh set of challenges designed to make a big difference, and have opened up the team division to include everything from towns, schools, and businesses to neighborhoods, churches, synagogues, book groups, and even bowling leagues! Learn more and get on the notification list at The next game begins March 23.

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Don't Pay Extra Rent

You may think that if your lease term ends on May 31st, your tenancy ends and you are done - but you would be WRONG. As the "Renting in Vermont Handbook" states:

"Tenants who wish to move out at the end of the lease term should give the landlord written notice of their intention at least one full rental period (or two in Burlington) before the lease expiration date. Otherwise, the tenant could be held liable for the rent for the month after the lease expires if the apartment goes unrented".

Find out more about your rights & responsibility as a renter by reading OSCR's Off Campus Living Guide or VT Tenants' Renting in Vermont Handbook.

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A recent article in the Burlington Free Press might give the impression that you don't need to get your landlord's permission before subletting. Although there is no state law covering this specific topic that is not the end of the story. Most, if not all, leases include language about subletting and whether it is allowed. Subletting without the landlord's permission could therefore violate the lease agreement making eviction an option for the landlord. In addition, the "Renting in VT Handbook" (published by VT Tenants, a tenants-rights organization) says:

"If a landlord refuses to allow a tenant to break a lease, the landlord may consent to a sublease agreement. The tenant can then find someone else to move in for the rest of the lease period, but the original tenant would still be ultimately responsible for the condition of the apartment and timely payment of the rent. Subletting can be a convenient option for people wanting to return to a particular apartment after an absence, but it requires a great deal of trust in the other people moving in. Tenants should get the landlord’s permission before subletting, preferably in writing."

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Just Because!

From: Xin Shi, UVM '14

Sending Greetings from China

This is the first time in four years that I am able to enjoy the International Dinosaur Lantern Show being held in Zigong city, Sichuan province, as part of the Chinese New Year Celebration. More than two million people will visit this show that runs from February to March. There are many exhibition areas and so many lanterns of diverse shapes, colors and sizes. For example, since Zigong is called the hometown of the dinosaur, it is the eternal theme. And, with 2015 being the year of sheep,sheep lanterns are indispensable. For me, one of the most impressive Lanterns is the Chinese blue and white porcelain. I hope you like these pictures from my mother's hometown!

[Xin Shi was mentored by Gail Shampnois, Director of OSCR as part of the US Pathway Program]

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