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The Office of Student & Community Relations offers you this newsletter to keep you informed on upcoming events, share great deals, and give you information that makes your off-campus experience a positive one.
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Photo of a car snowed into a parking spot on a city street.

Tip of the Month

Don't Get Towed this Winter!

There is a warning system of yellow lights mounted to utility poles throughout the city. When these lights are activated all vehicles need to be off the streets from 10PM to 7AM or they will be towed and fined.

There are 3 ways to find out about parking bans in Burlington, VT:

1. Subscribe to Nixle for info/updates to be sent to your cell phone or e-mail (Nixle group is: Burlington, VT Police Department)

2. Subscribe to YahooGroupsfor info/updates to be sent to your cell phone or e-mail
(YahooGroup is called: burlingtonparkingban)

3. Call (802) 658-SNOW (7669)

NOTE: Residents can park in any city owned parking garage from 10PM to 7AM free of charge during a parking ban.

Logo for University of Vermont's Lane Series featuring white text in white reading 'Lane Series' and in black reading 'The University of Vermont' over a graphic of white circles on a black background.

Jammin' Divas

Four stunning female vocalists/instrumentalists from Ireland (Aoife), the US (Becky Chace), Australia (Kath Buckell), and Israel (Hadar Noiberg) come together to perform traditional and original music from their diverse cultures.
In collaboration with the Lane series we are happy to be able to raffle off 2 FREE tickets to this performance to a randomly selected person who "likes" our Facebook page from January 14-18, 2013. Make sure to "like" us for a chance to win this pair of tickets, updates on other great events, job opportunities and other raffles!

City Market logo. A
                                                 graphic of an onion next
                                                 to the words "City
                                                 Market" with a
                                                 smaller text below
                                                 reading "Onion
                                                 River Co-op".

Kale Three Ways

Date and Time: Wednesday, January 23, 2013 - 6:00pm - 7:30pm

The Sustainability Academy (map)

You can never have too many kale recipes. Learn about the different varieties of kale and make delicious soups, salads, and stir fries with these highly nutritious winter greens. Andrea Chesman is the author of many cookbooks on seasonal eating, including The Pickled Pantry and Recipes from the Root Cellar.

$5 for City Market Members, $10 for non-members

Graphic reading "Food Education" with the second 'o' in food being a sautee pan".

Photo of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

2013 Community Involvement Events!

Many events are already scheduled for early in the Spring, including an incredible community-wide celebration will take place at ECHO including a celebration filled with family-friendly programming celebrating The Rev. Dr. King, Jr.’s legacy - $2 All Day at ECHO - and

Some /bored events at the start of the Spring Semester

Check our /bored for a variety of great events that connect you to your community!

Picture of someone
                                                 in coat and gloves
                                                 shoveling snow to the
                                                 right with the words
                                                 "Project Snow
                                                 Shovel" in the

Project Snow Shovel

Volunteers will help seniors who need help getting out of their homes after a snowfall. Volunteers should be available to clear driveways and/or walkways so that seniors can make it to medical appointments, a neighbor's house, or even their own mailbox. Benefits include good, old-fashioned fresh air and exercise; seeing the difference you make in someone's life; and contributing to the greater good of your community. For more information visit our page.
Photo of the Pearl
                                               House - a yellow, wooden
                                               building with a large
                                               front porch.

Office of Student & Community Relations

Whether you have a specific issue, want to make some tea before class, or are just curious about what we're up to - please stop by Pearl House and let us help make your off-campus experience successful, positive and empowering.

We are located at 12 Colchester Avenue - next to John Dewey Hall and in front of the Outing Club.
Logo of Burlington Partnership for Health Community featuring a "b" and "p" in blue script on a white background.

Baby-sitters Needed

The Burlington Partnership for a Healthy Community is seeking baby-sitters during parent workshops this Winter and Spring in Burlington.

If you are good with children primarily under the age of 12 and want to support your community while earning money, please sign up by emailing We will contact you a few weeks before workshops to check availability. All potential baby-sitters should expect to undergo a background check as part of the hiring process.
Logo of Burlington Partnership for Health Community featuring a "b" and "p" in blue script on a white background.

Rape Aggression Defense Course

Enrollment is FREE but REQUIRED.

A self-defense course is being offered through UVM Police Services for all UVM women.   It is a 12 hour course designed to empower women, teach valuable defense skills, physical confrontation skills, and how to take control for yourself. You will learn how to use your mind, your voice, your body, and your skills in this course.

Classes are:

Mondays 6 - 9pm (01/28, 02/4, 02/11, 02/18) or Tuesdays 6 - 9pm (01/29, 02/05, 02/12, 02/19).

For more info email Sue Roberts from UVM Police Services.

January 2013

The OSCR staff warmly welcomes you back to campus and wishes you a creative, fun, and inspiring 2013!

Greetings from Gail:
Geostories Project Launched - Get Involved!

In my UVM days as an off-campus student, I often wondered who lived in all the houses I passed by on my walk up the hill to classes. I had met some neighbors, but mostly I spent time with my friends from campus or work. The personality of the houses – their gardens, color schemes, architecture - also got my attention. I guessed at their ages and thought about the life that had moved through them as the city changed from a water-based trading economy to the creative economy of today. If you share the same curiosity for people and places, you may have an opportunity now to get an inside look. Our office has launched a GeoStories Project with students in the Strategic Writing for Public Communication Class (CDAE 120). The goal is to create a living map that has clicks where you can call up a story in words or pictures about an area of the city. For their service-learning projects, the students are interviewing residents and writing and filming stories. One of which is at the end of this newsletter. If you are interested in participating – telling, writing, or filming your city story, let me know (gail. and you too can be part of the GeoStories adventure!

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Off-Campus Living Workshops

Thanks to everyone who attended our off-campus living workshops last semester! Please take a minute to fill out the evaluation survey that has already been sent to you via email - it helps us to keep improving these workshops. You should receive an email reminder this week but if you don't let us know at

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Burlington Police Department website banner with a photo of an officer's badge.

Community Forum on Neighborhood Watch

Location: Burlington Police Department, 1 North Avenue, in the Community Room (please use the Admin Entrance by Battery Park).

On Wednesday January 16, 2013 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm Burlington Police will hold an informational session to solicit ideas and suggestions on establishing a 21st Century version of Neighborhood watch for citizens, businesses, and neighborhoods in the City.

As neighbors and businesses seek ways to remain engaged in community safety and health, one topic that is often discussed is the idea of re-invigorating a Neighborhood Watch Program. Participants of the forum will discuss ideas and options (using large and small group formats) and develop concepts for how a new version of Neighborhood Watch could work in Burlington. Focusing on developing a support system to make sure that Watches would be sustainable.

Children are welcome!

Greta Dumas – Executive Assistant, Burlington Police Dept., Burlington

Michael Schirling, Chief of Police
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Photo of a row of houses with lots of snow on the trees, houses, and street.

Winter Safety Tips

As we experience winter storm weather, the Burlington Fire Department would like to remind the public of key life safety messages related to winter safety::


Make sure fire hydrants are clear of snow, at least three feet in all directions with a two foot path leading to the hydrant, so the fire department can readily find and access them during an emergency. Fire escapes, back doors and other exits should also be kept clear of snow and ice.

Anyone who smells a gas odor should leave the area, call 911 and immediately contact their fuel supplier.


The Vermont Gas website at

The Vermont Division of Fire Safety website at

The Burlington Fire Department website at

Download a pdf of this article.

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Winter Blues? Sodexo to the rescue!

Are you singing I’ve got the off-campus cooking and cleaning blues? We understand cleaning is a hassle and preparing well-balanced meals takes times. We can’t help you cleaning your apartment nor do your laundry but we can certainly help with your next meal. With 15 dining locations and daily specials all over campus, finding a meal won’t be a problem. Take one home today or better yet, stay and dine with us, we’ll even do the dishes, wait maybe we can help with your cleaning!

Did you know we restructured our off-campus meal plans? You can now bundle together retail points and meal points. That’s right; you can customize your own meal plan. Learn more at, need more information? Contact our Meal Plan Office at 802.656.2945 today.

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Applications Now Available For Summer Enrichment Scholars Program

Photo of past SESP program participants in a collage.

Peer Advisor, Co-Coordinator & other part time opportunities

Apply now for the opportunity to spend July making a lasting difference in the lives of 14 young college freshman through the ALANA Student Center (ASC) high school-to-college summer bridge program!
** Applications can be downloaded through the ASC website at **

If you are planning on spending the summer in Burlington in July and would like to pick up a little bit of extra cash, we are also seeking Writing tutor and Math tutors (2-5 hours a week).

For more information, contact Khristian Kemp-DeLisser, 656-1250, fax at 656-8511 or

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Babysitter Mingler

Photo of a placard reading
                                                     Mingler" in
                                                     front of entrance to
                                                     Livak Ballroom in
                                                     the Davis Center
                                                     where people are
                                                     sitting at a round







Twice a year OSCR hosts a Babysitter Mingler. This Spring it will be held on Saturday, January 26 on the 4th Floor of the Davis Center.

Student arrive at 10AM.
Families arrive at 10:30AM.

Register at our website.

It is an opportunity for families looking for reliable childcare to meet with UVM students who are interested in babysitting. And for those UVM students to earn extra cash from a job with very flexible hours.

Past participants have reported developing multiyear babysitting relationships, finding the flexibility they need, and some developed lifelong friendships that lasted long past graduation.Twice a year OSCR hosts a Babysitter Mingler.

For more information email us at

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Burlington Local Strives for Coexistence on North Union Street

By Caroline Couch & John Moses

Many students might picture the curmudgeonly elderly neighbor stereotype when asked about non-student Burlington Residents; the “Mr. Wilson” type that yells at kids to get off the lawn. Fred Stetson does not fit this cliché. A Burlington resident since 1987 and a Vermont resident since 1968, Stetson has found a way to peacefully coexist with students and other residents on his street. The former Burlington Free Press journalist has a living situation unlike ordinary Queen City residents. Fred Stetson and his wife Kate stayin their North Union Avenue home during the winter months and venture to a family cottage outside of Burlington in the warmer and louder months of the year.

Their system of avoiding the loud partying of incoming university students has been effective; however, one must question: should escape be the only way for Burlington residents to cope with rambunctious weekend activities?

“The students are not a problem for us,” said Stetson when asked about the behaviors on his street. “I do think it’s an ongoing concern though. During spring and summer nights there are bands of students roving the street. It’s hard to quantify.”

While the Stetsons claim that the noise is not a serious problem, they have taken substantial measures in order to adapt to their environment. After a series of parties next door continually kept him and his wife awake at night, Stetson attempted to reason with his young neighbors.

“It got to the point where I thought we should have a meeting but that never happened. I wouldn’t say they [the young neighbors] were completely disrespectful; but they were not very supportive [of our concerns] either,” Stetson said. “We had to call the police last fall. We eventually installed an air conditioner in order to stay cool and drown sound with our windows closed. This is a generalization, but I think some students forget how easy it is for sound to carry.”

In addition to noise issues, the Stetsons have experienced property damage and littering from students cutting through their lawn. However, despite the quality of life issues generated by spirited nocturnal students, Fred Stetson maintains a levelheaded attitude.

“It’s really just about respecting the neighborhood,” exclaimed Stetson. “One thing students can do is walk over to their neighbors’ home and say ‘hi, we’re so and so. If we are having a loud party, here is a number you can call and we will try to quiet down.’”
Fred Stetson is not the grumpy, unreasonable next-door neighbor stereotype; He is a Burlington resident who is optimistic about what a communicative relationship between students and non-student residents can do for his city.

“I would encourage that students be active and communicate if they are looking to improve their relationship with the immediate neighborhood. Try to connect with your neighbors. If it comes from the student side, it is really nice and it helps.”

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Flyer from UVM's Recreation Sports reading "Glow Fitness Spring 2013".

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