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Celebrating Black History Month!

February 2017

Looking for an incredible film to watch as part of your Black History Month activities? This film has sold out performances in Burlington - this last showing at Main Street Landing on February 10th still has some tickets left so don't delay (if there are no tickets left when you check or you need a FREE film screening consider UPB's screening of "Dear White People").

See VT International Film Festival blurb below:

"TIFF Presents: I Am Not Your Negro

By popular demand, and with the great support of Main Street Landing, we are able to bring you a 3rd screening of this must see film. Equal means equal.

Directed by Raoul Peck
USA/France ⎮ Documentary ⎮ 2016 ⎮ 95 min

In 1979, James Baldwin wrote a letter to his literary agent describing his next project, Remember This House. The book was to be a revolutionary, personal account of the lives and successive assassinations of three of his close friends – Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

At the time of Baldwin’s death in 1987, he left behind only thirty completed pages of this manuscript.

Now, in his incendiary new documentary, master filmmaker Raoul Peck envisions the book James Baldwin never finished. The result is a radical, up-to-the-minute examination of race in America, using Baldwin’s original words and a wealth of riveting archival material. I Am Not Your Negro is a journey into black history that connects the past of the Civil Rights movement to the present of #BlackLivesMatter. It is a film that questions black representation in Hollywood and beyond. And, ultimately, by confronting the deeper connections between the lives and assassination of these three leaders, Baldwin and Peck have produced a work that challenges the very definition of what America stands for."

Winter is Coming...Don't Get Towed!

Burlington maintains a warning system of yellow lights mounted on utility poles throughout the snow-bancity. These lights are activated when a snow parking ban is declared or when street maintenance, such as sweeping, will occur. When the lights are on, parking is prohibited on any street in the residential areas from 10:00PM to 7:00AM. Vehicles towed or found in violation of the snow ban or street maintenance ban will be ticketed ($95.00 fine).

During a Parking Ban residents are permitted to park in any city-owned parking garage from 10PM to 7AM with no charge. Please do not park on the top level of any garage in order that it, too, can be plowed. To subscribe to the Burlington Parking Ban Notification Listserv send an email to go to, or call 802-658-SNOW.

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This Sunday, February 12 from 10-12!

Looking for a well-paying, super flexible job where you can be a role model? Join us for our biannual Babysitter Mingler on Sunday, February 12th - register here. Having your own transportation is not a requirement of participating.

Image of
                                               Yoda from Star Wars with
                                               the following text: Apply
                                               to be an RA. You Must. RA
                                               Info Sessions Feb 1
                                               McAuley Hall, Feb 2 WDW
                                               Multipurpose Room, Feb 6
                                               L/L306, Feb 8
                                               Harris-Millis Garage. All
                                               sessions begin at 7:30PM

This is a great opportunity to get back on campus, help make a more inclusive community and get some benefits for yourself!

Ordinance of the Month:

Heat or How Shoveling Can Save Your Life

The City of Burlington has a Municipal Code of Ordinances that sets out the rules about living in Burlington - it may seem boring but you have a lot of rights that are explained there. If you are having a housing issue it might be a great place to start. In this newsletter we will be featuring an "ordinance of the month" to highlight vital information that students transitioning to off campus housing may not know. Since we have just had a series of days with temperatures in the teens we thought it would be important to talk about heat, specifically heating your home and water. The pictures above highlight 3 things to keep in mind in terms of heat.
  • If you see this tag on gas equipment it means there is something that needs attention. Make sure to ask your landlord about it. Unfortunately, sometimes the tags are not removed after the problem is fixed but it doesn't hurt to double check!
  • Any heating equipment that needs to have an exhaust system (like this woodstove) should have one, it is not safe to use without one.
  • Make sure that vents to fixtures that use combustion are kept clear, especially after a big snowfall. Not doing this could interfere with the equipment and also causes risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and even death in the home.

If you have any issues contact your landlord immediately. If they don't respond you should contact Burlington Code Enforcement, who has the authority to make landlords comply with the City’s housing code. If issues remain contact VT Tenants, a statewide non-profit that advocates for renters at 802-864-0099 or toll free at 1-800-287-7971. OSCR, of course, is also here to help connect you with appropriate City resources as well. You can reach us at or 802-65-9405
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Logo for
                                               LivingWell and Mosaic
                                               Center for Student of
                                               Color with the following
                                               text: "The pen is
                                               mightier than the sword.
                                               Action step in the first
                                               100 days, February 16,
                                               4-6PM, LivingWell Studio,
                                               Davis Center. Postcards,
                                               stamps and addresses

UPB is Hiring!

Curious to see what goes on behind-the-scenes at some of UVM’s favorite events? Want to have a role in planning programs like Week of Welcome, Labor Day Comedy Show, and SpringFest? Looking for a PAID leadership position that you can put on your resume? Apply to be a member of UPB!

Applications are available at and are due on February 10th at 11:59PM. For more info, visit our website or Facebook, shoot us an email (, or swing by our information session on January 30th at 7PM in the Sugar Maple Ballroom.
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