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Winter Parking Ban Declared

A winter parking ban has been declared by the City of Burlington starting at

10:00 PM Friday February 8
until 7:00 AM Saturday February 9 in residential area and 12:00 AM to 6:00 AM in the business area.

During this time all vehicles need to be removed from all City streets and City owned surface parking lots. 

You can park in any City owned parking garages from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM free of charge. 

Please do not park on the top (roof) floor.

Vehicles left on a street will be subject to a $100.00 parking ticket and towed to another location.

Call 658-SNOW for update information. 

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Tip of the Month
Stay Warm ~ Ride the Bus for Free

UVM students, faculty, and staff ride the CCTA city buses for free courtesy of UVM! Just swipe your UVM ID and enjoy a comfortable heated trip up the hill to campus.

The City Loop bus is a popular choice for students and picks up passengers at the corner o f No. Union/North St., No. Union/No. Winooski Ave., and North Willard/Arcihbald Street. The City Loop drops off at Waterman as well as near Redstone Campus. If you are coming from Winooski try picking up the Essex Junction Bus at the Champlain Mill. There is also the College Street Shuttle which is a great way to get from campus to downtown or vice versa. You can even take your bike on all city buses if you need a more direct route home!
For more information on bus routes and schedules please visit the CCTA website.

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Logo for UVM Lane Series.

Corey Harris

Another pair of FREE tickets to this performance to a randomly selected person who "likes" our Facebook page from February 6-15, 2013.

Corey Harris is a powerful singer and guitarist who got his first taste of the blues via his mother’s collection of Lightnin’Hopkins records. He honed his art form on the streets of New Orleans, while going on to study African Linguistics in Cameroon. That led him to a lifelong exploration of African-American blues that has taken him from the Mississippi delta to Mali, where he recorded an album with Ali Farka Touré — a journey detailed in Martin Scorcese’s PBS Documentary The Blues, in which he was a featured performer and narrator in the episode “Feel Like Goin’ Home.” Awarded a MacArthur Fellowship in 2007, his creativity, originality, and commitment to the art form of the blues is a joy to experience. [More Info]

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Everybody Wins! Reading Mentoring Program

The Everybody Wins! mentoring program at a local Elementary school needs reading buddies 1 hour a week. Everybody Wins! Vermont is a statewide, nonprofit, children’s literacy and mentoring program. Mentors are local business people, college students, retirees, etc, who come to school just one hour a week during lunchtime to read with a child. Children and their mentors look forward to their meetings; to chat, read to each other, and play the occasional game of Scrabble, Bananagrams or MadLibs! Mentors help a child build strong self-esteem, reading skills, and a lifelong love of books, and just make them feel special. No training is necessary! [More Info]

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Living Well logo
                                               featuring the words
                                               "Living" in blue
                                               and "Well" in

Can You Answer These for A Prize?

Like being healthy? Answer these three questions about LivingWell and you could win a fabulous workout towel. Just use your answers to finish the code word below. The first 5 people to rush to LivingWell and say it to the person at the front desk win a towel!

1. Living Well is located on
a. 1st flr of the Davis Center
b. Billings
c. Wright Hall

How can you find out more about Living Well?
d. Don't Know
e. like us on at
f. Wish upon a star
g. d & f
h. Check out our webpage at

Use your answers above to complete the code word below:

_ _ _ LTH

First 5 people to rush to LivingWell and tell the person at the front desk the code word win a great prize!
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Photo closeup of a
                                             great horned owl.

Night Owls Needed

A partnership of local non-profits is seeking help to open an overflow shelter but they need overnight volunteers to make it happen.

The overflow shelter will be open at 9:00 pm each night, taking in homeless individuals who have already been pre-screened by these organizations, and taking them to the Food Shelf for breakfast at 6:30 am the next morning.

In order to get this shelter going, volunteers (must be 21+) are needed to do an awake overnight shift.
There will be a paid staff person coordinating the shelter.


Contact - Laurie Dana
United Way of
Chittenden County

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Logo for UVM's Women's Center featuring silhouettes of women with the words "The University of Vermont, Women's Center".

Save the Date!

Dismantling Rape Culture Conference: Thursday, April 11, 8:00-4:30. Registration opens on February 25. For more information visit the Women's Center homepage.

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Logo for UVM's Women's Center featuring silhouettes of women with the words "The University of Vermont, Women's Center".

Buy Your Tix!

Asian American Student Union and Chinese Student Union present Lunar New Year:

Sunday, February 10

More info at AASU's FB Page.

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Graphic that features the cover Dr. Michael Kimmel's book "Guyland".

Becoming A Man

Public Lecture and Workshop by Dr. Michael Kimmel.Lecture: Tuesday, Feb. 12 at 4 PM in the Davis Center.

In 1950, most Americans had completed the transition from adolescence to adulthood by age 21 or so. Today, it’s more likely to be by age 30. It’s a new stage of development, and Kimmel is our tour guide in this presentation based on his best-selling book, Guyland. Based on interviews with more than 400 young people across the country, Kimmel offers a glimpse of why so many guys are adrift through their 20s, and offers a road map towards a more conscious adulthood.

Workshop "Moving the Conversation Forward: Gender and Violence on- [and off-] Campus"  Wednesday, Feb. 13 at 10:30 AM in Davis Center.


"Guyland takes up where Real Boys left off, giving us a vivid picture of the harrowing effects that thesocietal “boy code” has upon adolescents on the cusp of manhood...This is a must-read for parents, teachers, coaches, young women who are so confused by the guys in their midst—and for guys themselves who yearn to break free of unwritten rules that leave them half a man, rather than a whole person.”

—William Pollack, author of Real Boys

For accomodation call 656-6556

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Photo of the Pearl
                                               House - a yellow, wooden
                                               building with a large
                                               front porch.

Office of Student & Community Relations

Whether you have a specific issue, want to make some tea before class, or are just curious about what we're up to - please stop by Pearl House and let us help make your off-campus experience successful, positive and empowering.

We are located at 12 Colchester Avenue - next to John Dewey Hall and in front of the Outing Club.

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February 2013

Greetings from Gail:
It Takes Vision to Raise a Neighborhood

People like Daisy Turner (who is featured below as part of our observance of Black History Month) highlights the struggle to create community in a new location. Today this same drive towards creating, to use a phrase popularized by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., "the beloved community" takes many forms. Some obvious and some more modest. On Isham street that vision has been given voice by ISGOOD (Isham St. Gardening and Other Optimistic Doings). This association was founded by Brian Cina and Phil Hammeslough, who have a vision for their street to be on a gardening map of the city. To achieve this vision, ISGOOD partners with local institutions like UVM and City government. Our office has been inspired by their efforts and supports them through our Neighborhood Grant Program. The tally so far: 5 greenbelt gardens, an herb and blueberry garden, bump outs with trees, and this month - large recycling totes.

When Brian was asked how he felt about the efforts he replied "I am grateful for the efforts to give students better ways to manage their waste and take care of their neighborhood. It's another step in the right direction, so that we can change the culture of our block--- from a place where people just come to party without regard to their surroundings--- to an actual community where people come to live, learn, and make their world a more beautiful place."

Our office's mission is to help create a "a safe and socially just environment for off-campus students and neighbors". Join us in taking a step towards creating our "beloved community" by participating in this project and be part of a street's transformation!


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Photo of Daisy Turner, child of former slaves and resident of Grafton, VT.

VT's African-American Trail

"Vermont’s history is defined by its people: Native occupation dating back 10,000 years, citizens powering pivotal Revolutionary War events and providing crucial Civil War support, and U.S. presidents, Senators and leaders whose work contributed to the foundation of our country. 

Lesser known are the stories of Vermont’s African Americans. It is their stories and those of some of their fellow Vermonters that this guide explores.

The trail takes you to Vermont museums and cultural sites where exhibits, films, tours and personal explorations will illuminate the lives of African Americans for whom the Green Mountain State was part of their identity. You'll meet teachers, storytellers, activists, ministers and legislators - people unique in history for being the first to attain positions formerly held only people of European descent, and people who participated in Vermont institutions to make the state and country a better place for all.

Welcome to the unfolding of this important history."

- From the Vermont Tourism Site

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Become A Service
                                                   Learning Teaching

Deadline February 18

The Service-Learning Teaching Assistant (S-L TA) Program provides support for faculty, students, and community partners engaged in designated service-learning courses at UVM. Since 2005, the CUPS Office has offered this unique program to designed to give UVM students training in service-learning pedagogy and leadership development opportunities while providing faculty members additional support for their service-learning courses. To date, over 150 S-L TAs have been trained and supported by the CUPS Office. 
"Service-learning" is a form of experiential education in which students engage in activities that address human and community needs together with structured opportunities intentionally designed to promote student learning and development.  Reflection and reciprocity are key concepts of service-learning." (Jacoby, B. (1996) Service-Learning and Higher Education)

What past S-L TAs said they gained from the position:
  • networking with community partners
  • mastery/reinforcement of course materials
  • teaching skills
  • understanding of service-learning pedagogy and critical reflection
  • how to work with professors
  • communication etiquette
  • how to facilitate meetings
  • how to set expectations
  • organizational skills
  • confidence 
  • the ability to assist with course design
  • experience facilitating in-class and online discussion
  • the opportunity to work with a diverse group of students
  • public speaking skills

Please visit our website for more information about the position, FAQs, and the application to apply! To see UVM's current and past service-learning courses, click here!

Learn more about the some of the current Service-Learning Teaching Assistants by liking us on Facebook! There you can see photos and read bios! You'll also find office updates, grant opportunities, and news about current service-learning courses at UVM!

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America East
                                                       Conference LogoOff-Campus Student, OUT-Athlete, Activist, and Great Runner:

Kaleigh Wood ('13) and the "If You Can Play" ProjectPhoto of UVM
                                                 Student and Activist
                                                 Kaleigh Wood ('13)
Kaleigh Wood has done a lot in her time at UVM. Cross Country runner, student staff member at the LGBTQA Center, Social Justice Activist and the first out athlete to be featured on multiple national websites as a role model to other LGBTQ athletes. Kaleigh is currently still working on a video for the "If You Can Play" project, so if you are interested in participating or think your team might (including intramural teams) want to participate email Kaleigh.

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(Fountain) Drinks Are On Us!

Want as many as 60 free points from Sodexo?

Sweet Deal!

This time of year folks hunker down, cut out unnecessary expenses and look for ways to save. Did you know that as an Off-Campus student you can get 300 meal points for only $250? That’s a bonus of 50 points! But wait, there’s more, in February we are sweetening the deal. Add $250 before February 28, 2013 and we will give you an additional 10 points. That’s 310 points for only $250!

Adding meal points to your card offers you the convenience and deliciousness of campus dining with great savings! Call our Meal Plan Office today at 656.2945 to learn more!

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We have a winner!

Congratulations to Melissa S. who won a $25 Gift Card to City Market for participating in our Off-Campus Living Workshop Evaluation survey! There are more opportunities to win prizes in this newsletter. Keep reading to find out where!
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Photo of
                                                     a child attendee of
                                                     the Spring 2013
                                                     Babysitter Mingler
                                                     in a cape.

Babysitter Mingler

Spring 2013 Mingler was a huge success. Featuring more efficient check-in and registration via Eventbrite on tablets and smartphones, we ushered over 260 participants into the Davis Center. Check out our Facebook album and make sure to keep a look out for the Fall 2013 Babysitter Mingler.

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Different Lifestyles, Same Communities:

How UVM Student and Non-Students Residents Can Share Burlington

by Sean Wilcox, Samantha Jean-Baptiste

A GeoStories Project from Fall 2012
OSCR has launched a GeoStories Project with students in the Strategic Writing for Public Communication Class (CDAE 120). The goal is to create a living map with links to stories (in written, photo- or videographic) about an area of the city. For their service-learning projects, the students are interviewing residents (both student and non-students)and writing and filming stories. One of which is at the end of this newsletter. If you are interested in participating – telling, writing, or filming your city story, let us know ( and you too can be part of the GeoStories adventure!

Burlington’s vibrant colors of foliage and spectacular golden sunsets over Lake Champlain make for a beautiful experience in the fall. However, not all parts of the autumn months make for an enjoyable time for residents of the town. Smashed pumpkins line the streets in several downtown intersections, a reminder of the unwanted bi-products from the many college students that live in the Queen City.

Peggy O’Neill, a 12-year resident of Brookes Avenue, has to explain to her three children why they don’t put pumpkins on the porch. Brookes Avenue, a quiet side street, is a popular short cut for college students’ route downtown. “They would just get smashed every time,” she said. “The noise of these late night antics wakes me and my husband up, often as late as 3 AM".

Peggy has had many positive experiences with students during her 12 years in Burlington. “The majority of students are responsible,” Peggy explained, but she believes that there needs to be a connection to the younger, underclassmen students. “They don’t realize that their behavior can negatively impact the residents of Burlington that have to get up early for work, have families..” added Peggy.

“There must be a relationship formed between students of UVM and the non-student residents in Burlington,” said UVM senior, Eric Laine. “The admissions office and Residential Life must be active in bridging the gap between the two groups, and it must happen as soon as their first year starts,” he explained. Eric thinks that a majority of incoming students are unaware of the adults and professionals living in Burlington, and don’t understand the negative impacts that can be made on a short walk downtown late at night.

Peggy admits that the forming of this relationship is not a simple and easy one. She suggests UVM creating a reality TV show in which a few students trade lives with adults that have jobs and families for a week. “If the student body could see how difficult that most adult resident lives already are, and how such small disturbances like street noise make can become big problems.. I think they would be much more conscious of their behavior,” Peggy added.

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Penny Wise Pantry

A graphic of a
                                                     black apron on a
                                                     gray square with the
                                                     words "Penny
                                                     Wise" at the
                                                     top and
                                                     at the bottom.
Wednesday, February 20
6:00pm - 7:00pm
City Market (map)

Learn how to fill the drawers in your fridge and the shelves of your cupboards with fresh and nutritious foods without exceeding your grocery budget. With this interactive and hands-on tour, know where and how to store foods at home to get the longest use out of them, develop a better understanding of Co-op sales, and get inspiring tips and recipes to start cooking quick and affordable meals at home. No matter what kind of diet you follow, these pennywise tools help you stock your kitchen with a variety of healthy, local, and even organic foods. For information on other opportunities visit us at City Market


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Photo of
                                                 tool shed at Tommy
                                                 Thompson, one of the
                                                 Burlington Community
                                                 Gardens sites.

Want to grow your own food, flowers, or just play in the dirt?

It may still be snowing outside but it's time to start thinking about gardening this Spring! The Burlington Area Community Garden Registration season is now open.

Sign up while space is available!

For more information or to register visit:
Burlington Community Gardens

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Shaws logo which reads "shaw's: My Neighborhood. My Shaw's."

New for this semester, Shaw's on Shelburne Road now accepts CAT$cratch! Check out our website for a full list of off-campus and on-campus locations!

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