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Office of Student and Community Relations
February 2009

Off-Campus Life

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About Us

The Pearl House

The Office of Student and Community Relations (OSCR) provides resources and education to UVM students so that they have successful experiences living off campus. We work with students, neighbors, and city partners on creative initiatives to improve the quality-of-life in our shared community.

Upcoming Events


SGA Mayoral Debate

Come meet the Burlington Mayoral Candidates on Tuesday February 17th at 7pm in the Davis Center Livak Ballroom.

Two Way Street Interest Meeting & Potluck

Join us on Wednesday February 18th from 5-6pm at the Pearl House 12 Colchester Ave., 1st floor. Learn about OSCR programs and how you can get involved off-campus. Bring a dish to share if you can! RSVP here.

Catamount Classes:
Songwriting Workshop

Interested in learning how to write your own music? Join us on Tuesday February 24th 6-8pm at the Pearl House 12 Colchester Ave., 1st floor. RSVP here. Free food and entertainment provided!

Babysitter Mingler

Are you looking for a flexible job that pays well and is tons of fun? Come meet and mingle with parents and kids from the local community that are in need of babysitters! Join us on Saturday February 28th 10am-noon in the Davis Center Livak Ballroom. RSVP here.

Have You Been Sledding Lately?

Sledding is one of those winter pastimes that is always fun no matter how old you get! check out Seven Day's Sledding Hillside Guide for some great local spots.


Check out the on & off campus events that are happening this month!

To get connected:

  • text BORED to 39649 for this week's featured event. (yup, standard rates apply.)

  • have a cool event you want on the bored calendar?


New UVM Rental Database!

One Site for:

  • Housing listings

  • Roommate finder message boards

  • FREE Sublet posting

  • Furniture buy/sell/trade message boards

  • Rental resources


Helpful Resources:


For a more extensive list of resources, please go to page 24 of the Off Campus Living Survival Guide.

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How to Make Your $$$ Go Further

We all are feeling the pinch of these hard economic times. As food, rent, and general living expenses continue to rise it takes some serious creativity to make ends meet. Below are some cash-saving hints that might be useful in the coming months. Also check out Seven Days bi-weekly column Getting By for more great tips on how to live frugally.

  • Thrift/Reuse StoresVermont has a whole host of fabulous thrift stores where you can find clothes, shoes, accessories, and household goods. Check out the Seven Days Secondhand Shopping Guide for some great leads!

  • Join a Co-op - For example a  membership at City Market costs as little as $15/year and you can join as a household with your roommates and split the cost. If you and your roommates decide to become member workers (member workers work 4hrs per month) you can split the hours and earn a 12% discount for your entire household! Members also receive a patronage refund when City Market makes a profit which means you earn dollars back at the end of the year based on how much you spend.

  • Look for Liquidation Stores - For example at CheeseTraders (located right next to Higher Ground) you can find cabot cheese ends for half the price and other discounted natural food products. Depending on the day you might find - cereal, pasta, canned food, oats, yogurt.

  • Other Food Shopping Tips -Going shopping once a week instead of multiple times, having meal ideas in mind ahead of time, and shopping with a list of needed ingredients can reduce how much you are spending at the grocery store. Also looking for coupons and buying as much as you can in bulk can make a big difference.

  • Car Share VT - Did you know that CarShare Vermont has 8 cars around town, including two right on campus?  It's really easy to become a member, and for most of us, is much more affordable and convenient than trying to upkeep a car on our own, and you don't have to worry about snow bans!  Check out their website, or contact Karen ( or 861-2340) for more info or to sign up!

  • UVM Rideshare - Going out of town? Consider sharing a ride and splitting the cost of gas. You can connect with other students at

  • Make Pizza at Home – Pizza places like Leonardos sell large doughs over the counter for $2! Making pizza at home is way cheaper that ordering delivery.

  • Winter Farmer's Market - If you are looking for fresh locally grown produce it is usually cheaper (and more fun!) to buy directly from the farmers. The market is held the third Saturday of every month from 10am-2pm in Memorial Auditorium (corner of Main and S. Union).

  • Check Out Burlington Telecom Prices - Because Burlington Telecom is a municipally owned company you might be able to get cheaper rates on internet, phone, and cable. Check out how they compare.

  • Energy Efficiency - Always a great way to save money during the winter! For tips please see our November Off-Campus Life newslettter.

There are also many programs in the city of Burlington and state of Vermont that offer assistance with food, fuel, and healthcare in times of economic distress. To find out what you might be eligible for go to, , or You can also call 211 or go to if you need help finding help.

If you have other tips on how to live low-cost that you would like to share with our off-campus community please send them our way!

Operation Snow Shovel Needs Volunteers!

The City of Burlington is pleased to announce the return of Operation Snow Shovel, a referral program that connects residents who need help shoveling with volunteers who are willing to help them out.

Volunteers are matched with a person in need of operationsnowshovelshoveling who lives in a location convenient to them. Volunteers commit to shoveling the walk leading up to the front door of their match’s residence within 24-48 hours of each snowfall, when it snows over three inches. Operations Snow Shovel volunteers ensure that the most vulnerable of our citizens who cannot remove snow from their own walkways can get out and otherwise remain independent. It is a great and simple way to give back this winter. At present there are many people waiting to be matched up in the New North End of Burlington, so please consider signing up to volunteer.

To volunteer please call 865-7548 or email Abby Knapp at


Have you been a victim of Crime?

The Parallel Justice program is available to every victim of crime that occurred in Burlington since July 1, 2006, even if the incident was not reported to the police. Assistance might be as simple as a supportive conversation about the incident or connecting someone to resources in the community, or as involved as walking someone through the court process and ensuring their basic needs are met.

Parallel Justice is a partnership between the Community Justice Center (a program of CEDO’s Center for Community and Neighborhoods), the Burlington Police Department and the Vermont Center for Crime Victim Services. If you’ve been a victim of crime, or would like more information:

Call: (802) 264-0764
On the Web:

Community Policing Neighborhood Survey - Your Input Needed!!

Please take a moment to complete the Burlington Police Department's Community Policing Re-Assessment Survey available online at

Background Information:

The Burlington Police Department has provided law enforcement services to the Queen City since 1865. Since 1999 they have operated using community policing as the primary methodology. Described succinctly, community policing is a model of community safety in which all members of a community play a role in ensuring a safe, healthy, and self-reliant city.

As the BPD approaches 2009 and the ten-year anniversary of their contemporary community policing efforts, theyBPD believe it is time to assess what strategies have been successful, which require improvement, and what lies ahead for Burlington’s community policing efforts. To that end, with the assistance of an Advisory Board made up of seven representatives from around the City (including Chris Shackett a SGA Senator and Chair of the Committee on Legislative Action), they have designed a community engagement process that will be deployed in January and February of 2009. 

The primary goals of this process are three-fold. First, they hope to have an opportunity to discuss the future of policing with a sizable number of Burlington residents and businesses. Next, working from a list of ideas about future partnerships, initiatives, and programs they seek to gain the community’s assistance in refining and prioritizing these ideas. Finally, working from the discussions and the ideas present, they will solicit new ideas from throughout the Burlington community.


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