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December 2015
Good luck on Finals!

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Studying in the Library...
Syria: A Storytelling
Try the Y for Free!
Secure Your Apt. 4 Break
Ice Sculpture? No, Thanks!
Stay Healthy During Finals
Hilarity for Charity
Follow the Police
3 Things BPD Wants You to Know
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December 2015

It doesn't seem possible that the Fall semester is almost over. There are still exams and papers to hand in, but classes have ended! In this issue, we have some great tips for staying healthy during exams, some important information about keeping your belongings safe over break, and of course a little levity. Look out for some great new programs from OSCR next semester. And if we don't see you before you are done, have a great and rejuvenating break.

Emily, Gail, & John

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Studying in the library on the first reading day has numerous rewards...

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Syria: A Storytelling

with "Syria - Remember Me" author, Deborah Harte Felmeth

Tuesday, December 15, 2015 at 6PM
Fletcher Free Library

Join us for a book talk on "Syria-Remember Me", written and photographed by local author Deborah Harte Felmeth. "Syria - Remember Me" bears witness in words and images to the strong, dignified, beautiful, and complex lives of the Syrian people—from the fertile Euphrates River Valley to the wide-open expanse of the great Syrian Desert, from the maze of overflowing markets to the spacious interiors of gold-domed mosques. The photographs in this collection were taken over two decades, between 1991 and 2011 and precede the war that now sweeps this beleaguered land.

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Try the Y for Free!

The Greater Burlington YMCA invites you to come in between December 1st and 20th and enjoy a one week membership for free. If you decide you would like to become a member, get the rest of the month free and we will also waive the joining fee! You need to live or work in Chittenden County and commit to a 6 month membership.

For more information about the Y, visit their website. Stop in or call 862-9622 if you have questions.

Keep some balance in your life this holiday season and give yourself the gift of good health!

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Secure Your Apt. 4 Break!

Lt. Matt Sullivan from the Burlington Police Department wants to remind you about a few simple but important steps you can take to help keep you property safe if you are leaving your apartment for an extended period of time.
  • Make sure the last person to leave locks all doors and windows.
  • Close all blinds and curtains.
  • Take your valuables with you on break - small expensive electronics, money, jewelry, etc.
  • Bring you bike indoors if you can - even the best locks can't withstand repeated theft attempts.
  • Have a neighbor who is sticking around keep tabs on your apartment.
  • Hold mail and other subscriptions - nothing says no one is home like a mail box stuffed with unopened mail.
  • Make sure not to have any deliveries scheduled - packages sitting on porches are another signal that no one is home.

If something happens, call the Burlington police (658-2700). If you kept serial numbers in a property log, you have a better chance of getting your stuff back - after last November break, UVM Polices Services recovered dozens of bike seats but could not return them to owners because few reported the thefts. Police also track patterns and may be able to figure out who is responsible, so you may help prevent future crimes.

If you do suffer a burglary, you can also call the Parallel Justice Program for victims of crime to see what kind of resources and support they can provide to you (540-2394). Registering your possessions on the UVM Police Services website and purchasing Personal Property Insurance or Renter's Insurance ahead of time can also help cover losses due to theft.

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Ice Sculpture? No, Thanks!

We wish you well as you begin to wrap up work before November Break. Keep these tips in mind if you plan to leave town for an extended period of time:
  • Keep thermostat above 55 degrees in your apartment to avoid frozen pipes.
  • Open the cabinet doors below your kitchen sink to allow warm air to get to the pipes.
  • Keep interior doors open to so there is a little heat in each room.
  • Make sure all windows and doors are locked and close your curtains and blinds - this keeps your home from prying eyes and also keeps in more heat.
  • Make sure the LAST person to leave the apartment for break knows to do all of these things!
In freezing temperatures, it doesn't take long for things to go very wrong. If you are responsible for the damage, it could cost you thousands in repairs. Even if it isn't your fault, you will still lose all your damaged property - another good reason to get renter's insurance!

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Staying Healthy During Finals

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                                                 entitled 5 Tips on Self
Great ideas for staying healthy during exams compiled by our student staff member Amber Stewart.

Are you thinking about housing for next semester, next Summer or next year? HomeShare Vermont is a local non-profit that:

"[...] is all about people helping each other. Each 'match' we arrange is unique based upon the needs and interests of the individuals involved. Our 30 years of experience, skills, and knowledge helps us find just the right person for you. Our comprehensive screening assures a great pool to select from, but it is always up to people in the program to decide who they want to live or work with."

The process involves an application, background and reference checks, an interview, and a two-week trial match. What's the upside? Check out the infographic below.

If you're interested, visit HomeShare Vermont to find out more and apply.
HfC Promotional
                                       Video- UVM Pi Kappa Alpha
UVM's Pi Kappa Alpha is again participating in Hilarity for Charity to fundraise for Alzheimer's research. Check out this video to learn more about how you can participate.

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Follow the Police

                                               capture of the Burlington
                                               Police Department's calls
                                               for service dashboard
The Burlington Police Department has added a lot of ways to stay in touch and know what they are doing. The image above is of their online dashboard where you can see calls for service with information about time and location. You can also sign up for alerts through nixle to get notices and press releases from BPD. Finally, you can always follow them the old fashioned way - through twitter! You can also read the article below covering the top 3 things they want you to know.

Three Things Every UVM Student Should Know: Lt. Jay Lawson

By Emily Newton and Ryan Lynch

Jay Lawson is a 15-year veteran of the Burlington police force. During that time, he has faced many different challenges working in a community like ours. “Our community is unique because we have local residents intertwined with temporary residents, which include college students.” He sees a disconnect between local residents and temporary residents, and strongly believes that whether a resident is permanent or temporary, all need to realize that they are a part of a community with a diverse population. Families, students, professionals, and business people need open communication channels and mutual respect, he believes, in order for this community to continue in the right direction.

Lawson stressed that UVM students have a “very positive” reputation with the Burlington Police Department. “The behavior of the students is looked at as a whole as being excellent. But there will always be a few rotten apples.”

In an interview, Lawson shared three major issues he would like to bring to the student body’s attention.

1 - You are a part of the Burlington Community.

Lawson believes that all Burlington residents, including UVM students, should be aware that “every individual is a part of the fabric of this community.” The Burlington Police Department understands that UVM students, along with students from other colleges, bring a lot of money and energy into the community--which helps the city, as well as many of the small businesses that operate in the Burlington area. Students, he notes, help keep this community young and vibrant.

“We want [students] to be here, we want [students] to feel safe and have fun, but we are all a part of the same community. You [students] bring us energy, and bring us a future.”

2 - Understand what moving into a mixed local neighborhood means.

UVM students should be aware of the environment they migrate to downtown. “It is no longer a campus community, but a local environment,” he explains. Downtown is an area with families, students, young professionals, and businesses, and everyone needs to be cognizant of this fact. He believes that everyone should simply get to know his or her neighbors, a simple task that can make a big difference.

“Take the initiative to meet your neighbors,” he says. “Having community coalitions, and developing communication strategies in the community will prevent police intervention. Building strong relationship with neighbors builds a stronger community, which can potentially alleviate problems.”

3 - Be respectful.

As college students we are all educated enough to understand the cardinal rule to have respect for those around us, and this mindset doesn’t just stop at our campus borders. Lawson believes that showing respect spans across all members of the Burlington community. “ College students, who are people at the peak of their lives are also living with young professionals, seniors, and families only feet away from them.” Reducing the amount of noise violations in the hill area, as well as just being cognizant of noise while walking downtown, is just one of the many strategies students can use to show respect to others in the community.

“We have reasonable officers here in Burlington, we are very fortunate that they work here, we truly want the best for everyone here in Burlington,” says Lawson. Burlington police officers are here for a reason, he adds; they respect students, and don’t want to cause hardship.

Lawson believes that by keeping communication channels open between students, neighbors, and the entire community--including the Burlington Police Department--an even stronger standard of respect can be achieved, and all can benefit. College students are an important part of the process, he adds. “We understand that you are educated, and that you know what it means to be a respectful member of the community.”
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