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Have a Fantastic Winter Break!
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Photo of a smart phone showing the
                                                           Run" app
                                                           on the
Make Your Resolutions More Fun - With Zombies

With the holidays comes lots of food-centered events. With the new year comes lots of resolutions to get back to our previous weight.

Unfortunately, that can sometimes be a drag. In this article from Apartment Therapy, there is a review of programs that can help you keep track of your runs. Including one that includes a Zombie horde you have to outrun. Check it out!

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Photo of zombie peeking through blinds.
CDC - Zombie Preparedness

Emergency preparedness may seem boring and unnecessary - that is, until the zombies come calling. As the CDC points out, if you are prepared for the zombie apocalypse, you'll also be prepared for other disasters like winter storms, power outages, and more. Use this helpful tip sheet to make sure you're covered!

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Electron microscopy image of
Who Thinks This Is A Good Idea?
Just about every zombie movie starts out with someone doing something they shouldn't, such as experimenting that goes horribly awry - think Resident Evil.
None of us would be foolish enough to do something like that. Unfortunately, some scientists have never seen a zombie movie. Case in point.

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Do Your Cardio While Helping A Neighbor

It may seem like snow piling up is ages away, but when it starts sticking, everyone needs to get out of their home safely and some people need help to do so.

We know someone who needs your help to make it to medical appointments, a neighbor's house, or even their own mailbox.

Benefits include good, old-fashioned fresh air and exercise; seeing the difference you make in someone's life; and contributing to the greater good of your community.

If you can help or want more information, contact Bev at CVAA.

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Photo of fallen autumn leaves with green

So you think that zombification is just science fiction? Check out the surprising answer behind why these fallen leaves get re-animated and start producing chlorophyll again. Here's a hint - it involves a creepy crawly.

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Contact Us

Whether you have a specific issue, want to make some tea before class, or are just curious about what we're up to - please stop by Pearl House and let us help make your off-campus experience successful, positive, and empowering.

We are located at 12 Colchester Avenue - next to John Dewey Hall and in front of the Outing Club.

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Interested in sharing your voice in the newsletter? Submit anything from a suggestion for a story to a finished piece - we want to hear from you!

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December 2013

You Did It!

End-of-Semester a.k.a. Zombie Edition


We wish you well as you begin to wrap up the fall semester! And, we thank you for your contributions to the UVM and Burlington communities through your volunteer, service-learning, and charitable giving efforts. Local families thank you, too! The fall is always a long haul and more than one person mentioned feeling like a "zombie", so we decided to go with it. Mixed into this newsletter are several zombie-themed articles.


Amanda, Gail, Jen, John, Juliana, Roman & Ross

Photo of UVM student with smile on his face
                                                           holding a
                                                           cookie the the
                                                           written in

Good Luck!

From Your Littlest Neighbors

With the help of our friends at VT Cookie Love and local children, we shared some cookie love with UVM students studying in Bailey/Howe.

Local children (some from Edmund's After-School Program - thanks, Amanda & Jessica!) decorated the cookies. They wanted to "wish the big college kids good luck on exams" and to thank them for being "good neighbors".

During peak study time, the kids passed out cookies to gasps of, "this is the best idea ever!" and "you just made my day!". Check out the photo album on Facebook.

Special thanks to Sara Puretz & Peggy O'Neil for volunteering; Amanda Adams, Jessica DeBiasio, & all the Edmunds student volunteers; and to Selene Colburn & Bailey/Howe for hosting.

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Photo of a row of residential buildings with
                                                         snow on the
                                                         roofs and in the

Keep Your
Stuff Safe

With so many people leaving town for Winter Break, it's important to give a little extra thought to property safety. A recent post on Front Porch Forum tells this story about Loomis Street:

"Hello Neighbors,
Just wanted people to know that our house got broken into over the Thanksgiving holiday. Someone [entered] and proceeded to rummage through every room looking for jewelry, cash and easy items to sell...If you leave for vacation be sure to stop mail, keep lights on [you can buy timer lights], and bring in your garbage. Also we should all try to keep an eye on our neighbors' homes over the holidays when folks are away."

Also, keep these other tips in mind:
  • Keep thermostat above 55 degrees in your apartment to avoid frozen pipes.
  • Make sure all windows and doors are locked and close your curtains and blinds.
  • Do not hide spare keys outside - everyone knows that trick.
  • Take anything of value out of town with you.
  • Don’t leave any valuable items near windows.
  • Lock your car.
  • Remove valuables from your car or keep them out of sight.
  • Record serial numbers, make/model of all electronic devices, etc. and register them.
Also, consider buying Renter's Insurance or Personal Property Insurance. It can cover your losses if you do experience theft. For additional crime prevention tips and to register your property (serial numbers, make/model) visit the UVM Police Services or the Burlington Police Department website.

MRI images of a human brain.

By John Mejia

Ever heard that lack of sleep can kill you? Feel like a zombie when you don't get enough sleep. Well there is a good reason for that. A recent study done at the University of Rochester Meidcal Center (URMC) has found that your brain does a purge of toxic waste products - linked to Alzheimer's - when you sleep. Here is a link to the article - there's also a great slideshow at the bottom of the article that give you tips for improving your brain function. I personally love - it's actually a fun workout for your brain!

PS - I also recommend the Zombie Run as a fun 5K- I did it this past year.

End o' Semester “Wrap” up!

‘Tis the season for exams, final projects and research papers; who is hungry and needs a study break? Instead of shopping for food and cooking, save that time for valuable study and let us prepare your next meal - we’ll even do the dishes! Stop by your favorite on-campus dining location for a quick, nutritious and energizing meal!

Want to stay in the loop? Text 82257 with DININGDEAL to get deals exclusive offers only available to off-campus and commuter students! It only takes a second; then you can get back to hitting the books!

These offers are exclusive to off-campus and commuter students. For more information, contact Dining Services at (802) 656-2945 or visit their website.
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