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Tip of the Month

Eat Well This Winter!

Don't miss out on the Winter Farmers Markets held every other week from November - April in Memorial Auditorium on the corner of So. Union and Main Street. Fresh local produce, delicious food, gifts, and more! Click here for upcoming dates and times.

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Jammin' Divas

Four stunning female vocalists/instrumentalists from Ireland (Aoife), the US (Becky Chace), Australia (Kath Buckell), and Israel (Hadar Noiberg) come together to perform traditional and original music from their diverse cultures.

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Kale Three Ways

Date and Time: Wednesday, January 23, 2013 - 6:00pm - 7:30pm

The Sustainability Academy (map)

You can never have too many kale recipes. Learn about the different varieties of kale and make delicious soups, salads, and stir fries with these highly nutritious winter greens. Andrea Chesman is the author of many cookbooks on seasonal eating, including The Pickled Pantry and Recipes from the Root Cellar.

$5 for City Market Members, $10 for non-members

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Project Snow Shovel

Volunteers will help seniors who need help getting out of their homes after a snowfall. Volunteers should be available to clear driveways and/or walkways so that seniors can make it to medical appointments, a neighbor's house, or even their own mailbox. Benefits include good, old-fashioned fresh air and exercise; seeing the difference you make in someone's life; and contributing to the greater good of your community. For more information visit our page.
Support a local
                                                 food system!

2013 Spring Semester College CSA Share!

We are excited to continue partnering with the University of Vermont, Saint Michael’s College and Champlain College to provide students and faculty with convenient access to healthy, local food. We invite you to become a member and join us for our 2013 Spring Semester Share.

Please join us in building a strong local food system!

Keep an eye out!

Branch Out Burlington

The environmental and social benefits of city trees are numerous, so let us reduce our impact on them by…
Reducing our impact on trees
  • Encourage others to not vandalize our trees!
  • Don’t lock your bike to a tree. Use a bike rack!
  • Look out for the Asian Longhorn Beetle. If you spot one, call the Department of Forest, Parks, and Recreation: 802-879-6565.
  • Volunteer with BRANCH OUT BURLINGTON! A Burlington-based non-profit - visit or email for details!
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Office of Student & Community Relations

Whether you have a specific issue, want to make some tea before class, or are just curious about what we're up to - please stop by Pearl House and let us help make your off-campus experience successful, positive and empowering.

We are located at 12 Colchester Avenue - next to John Dewey Hall and in front of the Outing Club.
December 2012Greetings from Gail:

Photo of a red
                                                 berries in Winter.

We wish you all the best as you wrap up the Fall semester! It is a time to celebrate accomplishments.

We also recognize that many in our community have family directly affected by Hurricane Sandy and our hope is for a good and speedy recovery and that your time with them brings them comfort.

On a related note here are some things to remember if you are leaving Burlington for an extended period of time:
  • Keep your heat above 55 degrees to avoid frozen pipes.
  • Lock all doors and windows and take any valuables home to prevent theft.
  • Check out these general safety tips.
Take care and we hope you all enjoy a fun, restorative & restful Winter Break!
Abby, Amanda, Cate, Gail, John, & Molly

PS - See you in 2013!!

December Catamount Class is Full!

Photo of felted
                                                   soap bar wrapped with
                                                   ribbon and with a

Due to huge interest, this month's Catamount Class is already full. However, keep a lookout for the January Catamount Class and make sure to sign up early to save your spot.

Co-sponsored by Student Life
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Thanks to everyone who attended our off-campus living workshops this year! Remember, you can always stop buy and ask for assistance. Please take a minute to fill out the evaluation survey that has already been sent to you via email - it helps us to keep improving these workshops.
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Photo of two
                                                     participants having
                                                     fun at November's
                                                     Catamount class -
                                                     their hands coated
                                                     in bath fizzle
                                                     ingredients that
                                                     look like sand.




Catamount Class Fun

Thanks to everyone who attended the November Catamount class enjoyed themselves with several saying it made their week. Check out the photo album and see why Catamount Classes have such a following. We'll be sharing December's class album soon so stay tuned.

For more information, email us at or to register for the next Catamount Class visit our website.
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We can Help!

Are you singing I’ve got the off-campus cooking and cleaning blues? We understand cleaning is a hassle and preparing well-balanced meals takes times. We can’t help you cleaning your apartment nor do your laundry but we can certainly help with your next meal. With 15 dining locations and daily specials all over campus, finding a meal won’t be a problem. Take one home today or better yet, stay and dine with us, we’ll even do the dishes, wait maybe we can help with your cleaning!

                                                 Sodexo Coupons - One for
                                                 meal at Harris Millis or
                                                 $1 off a Scone or Cookie
                                                 with purchase of a

Did you know we restructured our off-campus meal plans? You can now bundle together retail points and meal points. That’s right; you can customize your own meal plan. Learn more at, need more information? Contact our Meal Plan Office at 802.656.2945 today.

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Parking bans are declared when Burlington streets and parking lots need to be plowed or a expected snow storm may require plowing. A parking ban must be declared by...[keep reading].

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                                                     Bazaar, Thursday,
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