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Have a Heart Campaign

Have a Heart Campaign

Our slogan: “Please have a heart and remember that when you are out enjoying Burlington tonight neighbors are only a wall away”

Purpose: Photo of a crowd wearing halloween costumes ready to hand out flyers for OSCR's "Have a Heart" CampaignBurlington neighborhoods are an energetic mix of young children, families, elders, college students, and UVM faculty & staff. We share this vibrant community and the responsibility for keeping it safe and welcoming to all. The purpose of the Have Heart Campaign is to raise student awareness about the impact of late-night noise that is generated when students travel to and from campus through Burlington's neighborhoods.

The Issue: During the past few years, many neighbors have felt the impact of walk-by disruptions as people move from the campus to downtown and to friends' houses in the city. Residents have raised related concerns about noise, trash, public urination, vandalism, and pranks.

What we do: In the Fall and in the Spring, small groups of volunteers are Photo of a crowd inside Pearl house wearing halloween costumes ready to hand out flyers for OSCR's "Have a Heart" Campaignstationed at street intersections and late night shuttle stops on and off campus for the purpose of engaging students in brief conversations as they walk downtown, about the issue of late night noise and handing out chocolate hearts. We cover most of the major street intersections that are routes to downtown. It's a positive way to support UVM's neighbors and raise awareness about late night noise.

How to get involved: Sign up to be a volunteer by calling 656-9405 or email

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