Online Info Session: The Study Abroad Approval Form (SAAF)

SAAF Request

Once you have been accepted to the program of your choice, you must obtain UVM's approval for your study abroad. This can be done by requesting and completing the UVM Study Abroad Approval Form (SAAF).The SAAF Request includes information about your study abroad program, university/program abroad, location, term abroad as well as personal information such as emergency contact info, details regarding your health insurance coverage and your passport expiration date.

You must submit a copy of your acceptance letter either electronically, or bring in a copy to OIE.

The deadline for requesting your SAAF is October 22 for January, spring and calendar year programs and March 15 for summer, fall and academic year programs. So plan ahead and apply early!

Completion of a SAAF is NOT required for students going on Faculty-led Programs Abroad (FLPA).

The Budget Sheet

The Budget Sheet will help you calculate the cost of your study abroad program and all students are encouraged to complete it. If you receive financial aid and want to take it with you when you go abroad, you are required to complete your budget sheet and return it to the OIE before you pick upyour SAAF.

If you are eligible for Financial Aid, OIE will email you after receiving your SAAF Request, and will send you a copy of the budget sheet. Print it out and complete it. Refer to any program cost information your study abroad program may have provided you, or go on-line at their website and print off their program cost information. Attach any and all cost documentation to your completed budget sheet and return it to our office.

Remember that financial aid is inclusive of:

If you receive any of the above, follow the link below to UVM's page on financial aid as it relates to Study Abroad.

Study Abroad Approval Form (SAAF)

Once you submit your SAAF Request, if applying for financial aid while abroad, when it is approved by your study abroad advisor, you will be contacted by the OIE that your SAAF is ready to pick up. Pick it up at the OIE main office. You must then obtain signatures of approval for your overseas study program from various departments/offices in the following order:

  1. Office of Transfer Affairs

    Transfer affairs reviews your course selection to ensure that your credits are transferable back to UVM.

  2. Academic Advisor

    Your Academic Advisor reviews your degree requirements and approves your study abroad plans.

  3. Language Advisor

    Secure a signature from your Language Advisor if you intend to earn language credits to meet Major or Minor requirements while abroad (May not be required if not taking language credits).

  4. Major Department Chairperson (not required for Business majors)

    This signature is required if you wish to bring back credits within your Major(s).

  5. Academic Dean

    Your Academic Dean's signature is also required to complete your SAAF.

  6. Student Financial Services

    If you receive any financial aid, you must obtain the signature of a Student Financial Services counselor. Regardless of whether or not it is available to you while abroad.

SAAF Deadlines

Since you must be accepted to a program before requesting your SAAF, remember to consider application deadlines for that specific program as well as our deadlines for requesting/receiving your SAAF. If your program has not responded to your application by the time you are due to request your SAAF, contact your Regional Study Abroad Advisor.

For Fall, Year long and Summer programs:

For Spring programs:

Register for Over-Seas Study Program (OSSP)

Once you return your SAAF to us, we will issue an override which allows you to register for OSSP.  Your enrollment in this course during your study abroad is in order to maintain your status as an active UVM student continuing overseas.

Study Abroad Fee

Roughly 38% of UVM students study abroad. While some of the costs to administer study abroad come from all student's tuition, some of the costs also come through fees paid only by those students who participate. Students who study abroad for a semester or continuous year pay a $500 study abroad fee; students who pursue a summer or winter break program pay a $250 study abroad fee.

The services covered by the Study Abroad Fee include the following:

Before departure students receive,

While abroad students have,

Upon return students receive,

Quiz section

I need to complete a Study Abroad Budget Sheet before my SAAF can be issued if I want my aid to apply to my study abroad. I complete a Budget Sheet whether I receive:

a. Grants from UVM.
b. Loans from the Federal government
c. Scholarships from UVM
d. Any or all of the above

2. I request my SAAF from the OIE:

a. When I research programs and decide where I want to study.
b. Right after I apply to the study abroad program(s).
c. Right after I hear from one of the programs I applied to, with an offer to participate.
d. Only after I hear from the programs I applied to, have been offered a place, and decide which one is the program I want to participate in.

3. When do I review my SAAF with my Academic Advisor and obtain their signature?

a. When I apply for my passport.
b. When I complete my Study Abroad Budget Sheet.
c. Immediately after I pick up my SAAF from the OIE.
d. After I complete my sections on the SAAF form, meet with Transfer Affairs to review my course plan, and obtain Transfer Affairs' signature on my SAAF.

4. When completing the SAAF, I need to:

a. Get signatures in the order they are listed.
b. Bring course syllabi along when I meet with the office of Transfer Affairs
c. Complete my SAAF before applying to a study abroad program.
d. Download forms to my computer and print them out.
e. a & b
d. c & d