Online Info Session: Program Costs

The cost of studying abroad varies widely depending on the type of approved program. As a general rule, UVM exchange programs are a cost-effective means to study abroad. We encourage students to research the various types of study abroad programs before meeting with a regional study abroad advisor.

Office of International Education Grant

The OIE provides study abroad grants to assist UVM students with the costs of studying abroad. Grant applications are due in the OIE by April 15th for Summer, Fall or Academic Year programs or November 15th for Spring, January and Calendar Year programs. The OIE Grant awards range from $100 to $500.

OIE Grant Application

Scholarships and Other Financial Aid Opportunities for Studying Abroad

Below are a few scholarship and grant sources for study abroad either through UVM or external organizations. This is not a comprehensive list. Check the websites of individual organizations and programs for current information.

UVM Approved programs offering scholarships or grants:

Quiz section

1. I am a student who receives financial aid (federal, state and institutional) and will require all of these funds to be available for my semester or year-long study abroad program. Which type of program will enable me to bring all of my aid with me?

a. UVM Buckham, Oaxaca, Belize and Exchange Programs
b. External study abroad programs
c. All of the above

2. The cost of studying abroad will:

a. Be more than a semester at UVM.
b. Be less than a semester at UVM.
c. Be the same as a semester at UVM.
d. Depend upon the type of the study abroad program.