Online Info Session: Choosing Your Program

There are a few different ways to study abroad at UVM. Most students seeking a semester or year-long abroad experience go through an external program, an exchange program or a UVM Semester Program. These programs can be found on the approved programs list. Students seeking a shorter program take FLPA courses. The following types of programs are available for UVM students who wish to study abroad:

UVM Exchange Programs

UVM exchange programs are an excellent way to spend a semester or year immersed in a new culture. When you study abroad on one of UVM's Bi-lateral Exchange Programs, or the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP), you take advantage of significant academic and financial benefits. See the exchange program page for full details on applications and costs.

ISEP exchange priority deadlines are August 10 and January 10.

UVM exchange deadlines are August 10 and January 10.

Faculty-Led Programs Abroad

Faculty-Led programs offer a unique, short-term study abroad experience. Faculty members design courses that take place abroad and the class travels as a group to the course destination. These courses are offered through Continuing Education and students going abroad on a FLPA program will follow a different procedure than students going on other study abroad programs. Find more details on the FLPA page.

External Programs

Many UVM students study abroad through an external program. These are programs offered through other institutions and they vary in cost, credit transference and financial aid portability. Several external programs which have a proven record of successfully transferring credits back to UVM can be found on the approved programs list.

External application deadlines are;

- September 24 for January and Spring Semester Programs
- February 15 for Summer, Fall and Academic Year Programs

UVM Semester Abroad Programs

The Buckham Program

The Buckham Overseas Program (BOSP) is a full-year or semester program for English majors to the University of Kent in Canterbury, England. Students receive UVM credit and work closely with UVM English professors to design their programs. Students on this program are eligible to use their entire financial aid package and will receive a scholarship covering the cost of their airfare. Please see for more information.

The Oaxaca Program

Earn a full semester of UVM credits as you live and learn with UVM professors in Mexico. Get out of the classroom with field study excursions and overnight visits to indigenous villages. Courses will enable students to better understand the cultural, political, economic, and historical forces influencing life today in Mexico. All classes are taught in English except for Spanish language lessons. Students on this program are eligible to use their entire financial aid package. More information can be found at

The Belize Program

The UVM program in Belize focuses on sustainable development, combining academic coursework with service/project-based learning. Galen University, with its commitment to sustainable development, provides the academic framework through classes taught by UVM and Galen faculty. Belize-with its community-based approach to solving problems and its unique natural and cultural resources including one of the most protected and bio-diverse ecosystems on earth-provides the "laboratory" in which classroom theories can be applied in a developing-country context. For more information, please visit