Online Info Session: Transfer Credit Policies and Processes

Coursework successfully completed overseas will be considered for transfer credit at UVM. With the exceptions of the UVM Buckham, Belize, Oaxaca and Faculty-Led Programs, grades earned overseas will not be calculated into your UVM GPA and will not appear on your UVM transcript.

All overseas courses must be taken for credit and for grades. You may not audit courses or take courses Pass/Fail. You must earn a grade of “C” (or its equivalent at your host institution) or higher in order for credit to transfer back to UVM.

Courses in disciplines outside those taught at UVM generally do not transfer. While you may take courses in foreign languages that are not offered at UVM, they are only eligible for generic language credit. Such courses may not meet UVM language requirements.

The Registrar’s Office website – – features an online transfer guide. The course information you will find is constantly being updated and does not substitute for an official evaluation by the Office of Transfer Affairs.

Credit is given for course content only once; it is your responsibility not to duplicate courses. 

After OIE has issued you a SAAF and you have met with the Office of Transfer Affairs (TA) signatures must be obtained from your academic advisor and department regarding transfer credit for major, minor, or language requirements. You must bring your course syllabi when you meet with Transfer Affairs and your academic advisor. Your Dean’s office determines how transfer credit is applied toward degree requirements.

If you study abroad spring semester of your senior year you will likely be certified as a graduate the following October and receive your diploma the following May.

While abroad, please maintain contact with TA via e-mail at:

Credit for Internships and Independent Studies

There is no pre-approval or guarantee of transfer credit for internships or independent studies. You are responsible for contacting the appropriate UVM departments regarding policies on credit for internships or independent studies before going abroad. Coursework will be reviewed upon return.

Residency Requirement

Thirty of your last forty-five credits must be taken at UVM. If you are in the College of Arts & Sciences, half of your major and minor requirements must be taken at UVM.

Returning to UVM

You are responsible for requesting an official transcript from your host institution abroad and/or your program’s US transcribing institution. The transcript should be sent directly to the Office of Transfer Affairs. Transcripts are considered official only if they arrive in TA in a sealed envelope.

You are advised to request extra copies of your transcript from your host institution abroad for future pursuits, such as graduate school or job applications. UVM does not retain copies of study abroad transcripts.

Save all coursework, including course syllabi, reading lists, notes, exams and papers for review upon return, and please bring all course materials to the Office of Transfer Affairs.

Quiz Section

1. Grades earned while studying abroad on an external program or UVM exchange program will not appear on my UVM transcript.


2. In order for the credits earned while abroad to appear on my UVM transcript, I must:

a. Request a transcript to be sent to UVM
b. Receive a grade of C or higher.
c. Receive a grade of C- or higher.
d. Bring a copy of my transcript to the UVM Registrar's Office.
e. a & b
f. c & d

3. Prior to departure, I need to review the courses I plan to take abroad with:

a. parents and friends
b. academic advisor and Office of Transfer Affairs
c. none of the above