Online Info Session: Eligibility to Study Abroad

To be eligible for study abroad, a student must meet eligibility requirements for both the UVM as well as for the approved study abroad program and/or foreign institution. Admission requirements for these programs vary greatly and you will learn about the specific requirements for your program as you research it.

UVM's eligibility requirements

In order to be eligible to study abroad for a semester or year at UVM, you must:

Approval for Study Abroad may be rescinded due to disciplinary probation. Probation, in most cases, will not preclude you from obtaining approval to study abroad; however, some programs will not accept students who will be on probation while overseas. Most programs do ask about any disciplinary action on their applications. The Dean of Students will be notified when your Study Abroad Approval Form (SAAF) is issued and will review your disciplinary probation file, so it is best to know your status before requesting your SAAF.

Under no circumstances will a student receive official UVM approval for study abroad if they are on disciplinary suspension the semester before or the semester that they are scheduled to study abroad.

Students need to maintain good academic and social standing at UVM until departing to study abroad.

External programs' eligibility requirements

Admission criteria vary from program to program and students can work with a Study Abroad Advisor to select a program to which they have a realistic chance of admission. It is your responsibility to ensure that your applications, faculty recommendations and transcripts are submitted to the study abroad programs in a timely manner.