Want to Study Abroad? Here is a checklist to help keep you on track.

These are the steps students complete to study abroad. Use this list as a reference to track your progress in completing the study abroad process.

Complete the Study Abroad Info Session

To complete the SA 101 Info Session, please submit your student information at the end of the session.

6-12 Months Before Studying Abroad:

5-9 Months Before Studying Abroad

After Acceptance into a Study Abroad Program

Quiz section

1. In a few minutes you will complete the info session. What should you do next, to apply for a program?
Meet with your academic advisor to discuss timing of my study abroad, and the courses I want/need to take while abroad.
Research your study abroad options.
Obtain course syllabi for courses I want to bring back and apply to my major/minor.
Discuss your course/program options with my Academic Advisor to verify that the courses and program I like will meet my requirements.
Complete a budget sheet for the program you wish to apply to, and go over the cost with the bill payer.
All of the above

2. I have applied to a program. What do I do while waiting for an answer from the program?
a. Apply for a passport. If I already have one, and it is due to expire, renew it.
b. Meet with my health care provider and/or the Travel Health Clinic to prepare myself.
c. Read about the country I wish to study in.
d. None of the above
e. a, b, AND c