TN Trade NAFTA Employees

Contact at OIE for TN questions and issues.

General Processing Timelines

1 month prior to expected start date

Costs to UVM

None to minimal.

Who can be a TN status holder?

Citizens of either Canada or Mexico working in a profession on the NAFTA Professional Job Series list for which the employee has the qualifications of the profession. Employment must be with a U.S. employer.

Procedure for requesting TN immigration paperwork

Submit the following documents electronically to

  1. Employee name
  2. Departmental job offer letter (including specific start date)
  3. Position description (including requirements for the position)
  4. Salary information, if not included in the offer letter

UVM Human Resources process

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Post-arrival check-in

All TN status holders must formally check in with the Office of International Education on or before the first day of work.

To schedule an appointment: Call 656-4296: please indicate the name and visa category of the new arrival (TN)

What happens at check-in?