The J-1 Visa

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General Processing Timelines:

8 weeks prior to date of entry to the U.S. or requested start date, whichever is earlier.

Who can be a J-1 visa holder?

The J-1 Exchange Visitor program is used for the following temporary appointments: postdoctoral appointments, non-tenure track, salaried faculty positions, non-salaried Visiting Scholars, and other temporary academic staff appointments. The J-1 visa is also used for visiting students.

More information on: J-1 scholar categories, requirements, and restrictions.

Procedure for requesting J-1 Immigration Documents (The DS-2019 form)


Non-Salaried Scholars and Students

The SEVIS fee

The SEVIS fee is a fee that must be paid by all J-1 visa holders coming to UVM prior to applying for the J-1 visa at a consulate abroad. Currently, this fee is $180 for J-1 students and scholars and is in addition to the visa application fee.

Should a department wish to pay the fee for an incoming scholar, please notify the J-1 Scholar Coordinator and supply the chart-string you wish to use to cover this fee.

When should the student or scholar have their immigration documents in their hands?

At a bare minimum, 6 weeks prior to the arrival date to accommodate the visa application and interview process at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate abroad. Some consular posts have significant waiting periods for visa processing. In general, most strive to provide appointments within two weeks from the student/scholar’s initial request.

How long does it take for OIE to process immigration documents?

We request a minimum of two weeks processing time for all immigration documents. We will strive to produce documents within 5 business days when possible.

When will the scholar receive her/his immigration documents after processing?

OIE sends all documents by UPS Express mail to ensure delivery and the ability to track a package’s whereabouts; generally, most documents will arrive at locations abroad within 3-5 business days. Visiting students/scholars require original immigration documents; electronic copies are not currently acceptable.

UVM Human Resources Process: Learn more.

Post-Arrival Check-In Procedures

All J-1 visa holders must formally check in with the Office of International Education on or before the first day of work/program activities.

To schedule an appointment: Call 656-4296: please indicate the name and visa category of the new arrival (J-1)

What happens at check-in?

More information on Human Resource procedures for international employees