Extending the J-1 Program

Bringing International Students, Staff, and Faculty to UVM

Special Note: Please make every effort to request a J-1 program extension in a timely manner; if a J-1 visa holder continues employment beyond the initial program end date, she/he is out of status and working without authorization.

Which J-1 visa holders are eligible for extensions?
How to Request an Extension:
  1. Contact the J-1 adviser Amy.Corwin@uvm.edu to ensure that an extension is possible
  2. Submit an updated appointment letter with the following information to ISSS:
  3. The new requested program end date
  4. Title
  5. Amount and source of compensation
  6. Description of work and how it relates to scholar’s original purpose for coming to UVM
  7. Must be submitted on letterhead with department chair’s signature
  8. Extensions will generally be reviewed/approved within 3-5 business days; the scholar will receive a new DS-2019 form with the extended program end date.