Extension of Stay (extending the Program Completion Date of your I-20)

When do I need to request an extension of my I-20?

If you are unable to complete your academic program by the completion date shown under section 5 of your I-20, you must apply for an program extension. You may be granted a program extension provided that you:

What are acceptable reasons for requesting a program extension?

Delays caused by academic probation or extensions are not acceptable reasons for extension of your program. In addition, you are required to have been maintaining normal academic progress toward completion of your degree.

Acceptable delays:

*Medical leave must be authorized by the International Student Coordinator (ISC) prior to leave in order for you to maintain active F-1 status.

What happens if my I-20 expires before I have requested an extension of my program?

If you do not apply for a program extension prior to the program completion date listed under section 5 of your I-20, you will have fallen out of status. As a result, you will be required to request a reinstatement of your status from USDHS. Furthermore, if you are out of status, you are ineligible for any F-1 student benefits (e.g. on-campus employment, practical training, etc).

How do I request an extension of my program?