J-1 Visa Holders from Other Institutions

Occasionally scholars who are on a J-1 program at another institution are engaged at UVM for a lecture or short-term consultation.

What you need to provide the scholar prior to arrival:
An invitation letter including the following information:

What you need from the scholar in order to process reimbursement and payment:

Process for paying J-1 scholars from other institutions with proper work authorization

The Check Request must be supported by the EE vs IC Status Determination Form, and:

1. Documentary evidence of payment eligibility:

2. International Information Form (IIF) (PDF) completed, signed and dated by the individual, for the purpose of determining his or her tax residency status for US income tax purposes.

3. Form W-8BEN or Form W-9, as applicable

The Substantial Presence Test on the back-side of the IIF guides which IRS form the individual should complete in support of the payment:

Send Check Request, original receipts (if applicable) and supporting documentation to Procurement Services, who will forward to Controller’s Office same-day for tax review.