USPP Summer Bridge Program Courses by Degree

Below is a sample course listing and descriptions from the 2013 Summer Bridge Program. Please check back again later for an updated 2014 listing.

X-indicates that this course is part of your program.

Required Courses Business Engineering All Other Degrees
Exploring America (1 credit)
English for International Students (4 credits)
Chemistry Lab (1 credit)
Principles of Macroeconomics (3 credits)
Mathematics for Engineering (4 credits)
Business Topics for International Students (3 credits)
D2: World Geography (3 credits)
  X X
Seeing Anthropology Through Film (3 credits)
Total Credits 12 credits 13 credits 12 credits

Course Descriptions

Exploring America
Exploring America is designed to expose you to various facets of life in Vermont and New England. You will learn about the political, economic and social cultures of this unique state and region. The course should provide you with a sense of place and orient you to the environment in which you will be living. Class sessions will be a combination of lecture, discussions, invited speakers and off site visits to points of interest in the region.

English for International Students
English for International Students will provide a review of English grammar, practice in expository writing, vocabulary building, and improvement of speaking and listening skills.

Chemistry Lab
The Chemistry Lab will be a hands on laboratory experience where you will have the opportunity to complete experiments building upon the concepts you learned in your Chemistry course in China.

Principles of Macroeconomics
Principles of Macroeconomics will provide an introduction to economic concepts, institutions, and analysis, particularly as related to the economy as a whole.

Mathematics for Engineering
Vectors, vector-valued functions. Calculus of functions of several variables: partial derivatives, gradient, divergence, curl, multiple integrals, line integrals, Stokes' and Green's theorems.

Business Topics for International Students
Business Topics for International Students introduces you to the world of business studies in the United States by studying (1) how to be an effective student in an American classroom, (2) how to effectively communicate in a business setting, and (3) how cultural differences shape a global business leader. The goal of the course is to help prepare international students to study business in the United States and prepare them to be future business leaders in a global setting.

D2: World Geography:
Basic introduction to Geography by way of a regional approach to human and environmental topics.

Seeing Anthropology Through Film
Discover the world of cultural anthropology through film. This course focuses on the cultural aspects of humanity and explores how anthropologists study and think about culture. The course examines the different ways people are linked together: from personality and self, to families, lineages, and clans, to the way societies organize themselves. What are these binding links? How do different cultures produce, distribute, and consume the things they need and want? How does science, religion, and magic shape world views? These questions are explored through direct observation of documentary and Hollywood films and first hand, original research. Independent and critical thinking encouraged!

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