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Student Expectations

To receive the Notes accommodation and to achieve success with our program, it is important that ACCESS students be familiar with the following expectations:

1. Meet with your ACCESS Specialist at the start of the semester to determine if Note Taking Services are needed, and if so, for which classes these services are appropriate.  The accommodation will be listed on your accommodation(s) letter that you will give to your professor.

2. Fill out the online form to Request Note Taking Services.  This must be done every semester in order to ensure that a note taker is in your class and that you have access to online notes database.  Please allow 1-3 weeks from the time that you make your request for a peer note taker to be placed in each of your courses.

3. Give your accommodations letter to your professor(s) and discuss any questions they may have regarding accommodations specific to their course.  If they have questions that you are unable to answer regarding your accommodation for Note Taking Services, you may direct them to our website or have them email us at

4. Attend class!  Your accommodation for Note Taking Services does NOT replace your attendance in class. This accommodation is meant to supplement your own notes, fill in any gaps that you miss during a class lecture, and provide you with equal access in the classroom.

5. Visit the online notes database on a regular basis (at least once per week) to Download Notes.  When prompted, log in using your UVM netID and password.**  It is expected that notes will be submitted at least once per week by each note taker, though they are encouraged to submit notes following each class session.

To save notes to your computer: Right Click on the file >> Save Target As >> Save to desktop, or select desired folder.

If you visit the notes database and notice that notes are missing, notes are more than one-week behind, and/or the quality of the notes are poor and not of use for you, please let us know - talk with your ACCESS Specialist, email or call us at (802) 656-5537.  We can't fix issues if you don't let us know about them - the sooner, the better!

*If you drop or withdraw from a course for any reason, please inform your ACCESS Specialist and the Note Taking Program to ensure that Note Taking Services are not unnecessarily in place.

**Please do not share notes and/or your UVM netID and password with anyone.  If you experience difficulties logging in to download notes from the database, please contact email to resolve the issue.

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