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Online Submission Instructions

  • For ease of identification within each document and on each page, the following information should be included in the header for each set of notes submitted.  An example is provided for your reference:

Class code/Class # and Course Title

BCOR 011

Professor (Last Name)


Date (MM-DD-YY)

  • Files should be saved with one of the following file extensions:  .doc (or .docx) ; .html ; or .pdf ; notes are uploaded to a database for student retrieval, so it is important that they are saved with the same formatting for ease of access and location in the system.

    To save files with the correct file extension:       File > Save As > select file type

  • The file name for each set of notes should always follow the format:

    class code | class # | Professor (Last Name) | 6-digit date (MM-DD-YY) | file extension

    The class code and class # identify the appropriate course;  the professor last name is crucial when there are multiple sections with varying professors;  consistency with the format of the date is helpful to identify the specific lecture that the notes cover;  and the file extension is important for retrieval from the database.

A few examples of notes submissions in the appropriate format include:

    BIOL 005 Unger 01-12-08.html
    NR 104 Erickson 09-09-09.pdf
    ENGS 057 Clark 03-22-12.doc


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