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Note Taker Expectations

To ensure successful participation in the role of Note Taker, please review the following guidelines:

1. First, you must register to become a Peer Note Taker!  This may be done via email to with your course list (including 5-digit CRN numbers, specific to each course/section).  Your professor may make a request to the class if a Peer Note Taker has not been placed prior to the start of the semester.  If this is the case, your professor may register you as a Peer Note Taker via the online Registration Form, OR your professor may ask that you contact the Note Taking Program directly, via email to, with your course information.

2. You will receive an email from to confirm your placement as a Peer Note Taker in your class(es).  This email will also contain further instruction regarding your role as Peer Note Taker, including completion of a Peer Note Taker Contract.

It is important to the success in your role as a Peer Note Taker that you maintain open communication with the Note Taking Program.  Please check your email at least once per day and respond to any communication from the Note Taking Program.

3. Attendance is a must!  You are required to attend every scheduled class session for the course in which you are registered to take notes.  If you miss a class, it is your role as a Peer Note Taker to get the notes, of the same or better quality, from someone else in the class (i.e. friend, peer, TA) for the missed class session and submit them as you normally would. 

If you will need to miss class for an extended period of time, please inform the Note Taking Program in advance of your absence, or as soon as possible, so that a substitute Note Taker may be put in place prior to your leave.

We also ask that you attend any review sessions and take notes, whenever your schedule allows.  If there is a review session scheduled and you are unable to attend, please let the Note Taking Program know ahead of time, so that we may find another Note Taker to provide notes for that session.

4. Peer Note Takers must take clear, accurate, detailed/thorough and legible notes.  Some guidelines of what the Note Taking Program expects:

  • Notes should be typed, if possible.  You may receive a specific request to type notes, in which case this is required.  (Some classes, i.e. math or chemistry, may be formula/drawing intensive and may not allow for typed notes; this is okay!)
  • Notes should include: key points, descriptions of concepts in your own words, diligent notation of anything the professor writes on the board, and any other pertinent information presented.  This includes any homework assignments, upcoming exam reminders and/or review sessions, etc.
  • If symbols and/or abbreviations are used, they must be described in a key.

5. Notes are expected to be submitted in a timely manner, ideally following each class session; at minimum once per week.  If notes are greater than one-week behind, you will receive an email to follow up.  Failure to respond to email communication and/or submit missing notes may result in termination of your Note Taker position.  

On days when there are no notes (i.e. class was cancelled, exam, etc.) the Note Taker is expected to email to inform the Note Taking Program of the missing notes.

6. To submit notes to the Note Taking Program, please follow the Online Submission Instructions OR, for handwritten notes, please visit the Universal Design Technology Lab (2nd floor, Bailey-Howe Library) to manually scan and submit your notes.

7. In the event that a Peer Note Taker drops or withdraws from a class, for any reason, it is expected that the Note Taker inform the Note Taking Program, as soon as possible, so that a replacement Note Taker may be put in place.


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