University of Vermont

Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences

Why UVM's Nutrition and Food Sciences?

  • "I chose UVM because I liked that there was a medical school with a hospital next to campus. I felt this would allow me to explore career options with nutrition in health care."

  • "I decided on UVM's dietetics program because all of the staff in the program seemed amazing. They were eager to help new students get the best out of their education. Many teachers have a lot of experience with things that I would love to be part of from research to innovative new programs within the school and community. I knew that I could have a lot of experiences in the field and excellent teachers if I came here."

  • "I transferred to UVM my sophomore year from UMass Amherst. I came here for the early childhood special ed program. I got interested in the nutrition program by talking to people about it. I also came here for the easy going, friendly atmosphere."

  • "I have lived in Vermont my whole life. I love this state. I love the changing seasons, the skiing, the mountains. Burlington is just the right size! The bigger reason why I chose UVM: I was looking for a Doctor of Physical Therapy program. UVM offered the 3 + 3 which was great to get done in 6 years instead of 7! To do the DPT I had to choose another major first, which is where NFS came in. I thought PT and nutrition made a great combo!"

  • "I transferred to UVM because of the reputation of the sciences, athletics and community. I knew people would work with me so I could do premed and nutrition, and I would be able to play sports and get a great education at the same time."

  • "Growing up just outside of Burlington, I never thought I would want to come to UVM. But when I started looking at colleges, I realized nothing really compares to Burlington and what UVM has to offer. I pursued food science because of the interesting classes, professors and tight environment."

  • "I was a sophomore transfer student with no clue what I wanted to major in. I took Sports Nutrition and Fundamentals of Nutrition which gave me insight into the material and I got to know the professorst. They have tons of experience, have won numerous prestigious awards and are incredibly willing to work with me on anything I need. I`m so happy with my choice to enroll in the dietetics program."

  • "I chose to come to UVM because of the warm and friendly environment. People were all helpful and happy and I could tell they loved being at UVM. I didn`t get that feeling at other schools. I chose the dietetics program. It really is one of the best food science/nutrition programs out there."
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