University of Vermont

Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences

Faculty - Marcia Bristow

Marcia Bristow, MS, RD, CD Lecturer

  • MS, Dietetcs, University of Vermont, 2010
  • BS, Dietetics & Nutrition and Food Sciences, University of Vermont, 2007
  • AS, Computer Science
  • Marcia Bristow's C.V.
Professional Affiliations
  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Vermont Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • National Sports and Conditioning Association
  • Hunger Free Vermont

Area of expertise

Nutrition, dietetics and exercise

Contact Information

Phone: 802-656-3130

Office Location: 255 MLS Carrigan Wing

Office Hours: by appointment


Marcia Bristow is a registered dietitian nutritionist who holds a Masters of Science in Dietetics from the University of Vermont and owns a nutrition counseling practice.  In addition to her nutrition counseling practice, she teaches Sports Nutrition at the University of Vermont and coordinates a practicum program for undergraduate nutrition and food science majors. Marcia also serves on the boards of the Vermont Dietetics Association, and Hunger Free Vermont.  As a educator and counselor, Marcia strives to provide education and increased awareness to help her students and clients achieve their personal weight, health, and performance goals through diet and exercise.

Professional Interests:

Marcia is the NFS Dept's Undergraduate Practicum Program Director organizing internship programs and placing undergraduate nutrtion and dietetic students in programs based on their interests.
  • NFS 163: Sports Nutrition
  • NFS 195: Intermediate Special Topics
  • NFS 196: Field Experience
  • NFS 197: Undergraduate Research, Fall
  • NFS 198: Undergraduate Research, Spring
  • NFS 274: Community Practicum
  • NFS 295: Advance Special Topics
  • NFS 296: Field Experience