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Reclaiming a Pasture-Based Hill Farm

Oct 20, 2017
1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Howling Wolf Farm, Tipton Rd., Randolph, VT

COST: $10 - $40, depending on Vermont Grass Farmers Association membership and whether you stay for a BBQ dinner

Feeling overwhelmed by your efforts to reclaim a rundown farm? Not sure where to start? Needto connect with others in a similar position? Come to this pasture walk,discussion group and end-of-season celebration with Jenn Colby and Chris Sargent of Howling Wolf Farm (and Howling Hog Barbecue).

As the UVM Center for Sustainable Agriculture's Pasture Program Coordinator, Jenn has had the opportunity to learn from a wide range of grazing experts. When looking to relocate and expand their farming operation, Jenn and Chris specifically chose a farm where they could test and demonstrate different approaches to pasture improvement and reclamation. At just over a year into grazing sheep at the new farm, there are a variety of pastures in different states to look at, and plenty of room for future improvement.

This event is open to anyone looking to learn more about reclamation, using livestock as tools, balancing production and reclamation goals, gaining a better understanding of plant-soil-animal interactions, or just willing to share their own experiences. The discussion group is supported by the Vermont Clean Water Fund and will feature an early dinner with barbecued grass-fed beef, a pondside bonfire, and a general winding-down-the-season farmer get together.

CONTACT: Register at ContactJenn at or 802-535-7606 with any questions. If ​you ​require ​accessibility ​accommodations ​to ​participate ​in ​this ​program, ​please ​let ​Cheryl ​Herrick ​(802) ​656-5459 ​know ​by October 6, 2017 ​so ​we ​may​assist ​you.