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COBRE Imaging and Physiology Core Facility Price List

Price List for Microscope and Computer Use

The prices are subject to change without notice. Please review them carefully. All fees will be used to maintain the equipment.


The first five hours of use on any instrument is free of charge including training and director time.

Noran Confocal - $4.50/hr, E015D Given

Charges will be assessed based on paper login next to the instrument. Please keep it up to date. The following groups will be exempt from payment: Brayden, Mawe, Nelson, Parsons, Van Houten, Karstens and Yano.

DeltaVision Microscope - $6.28/hr

DeltaVision Soft WoRx Computer Server - $5.29/hr

Fees will be assessed based on login and logoff times, so don't forget to log out. You are requested to begin long experiments after, or to finish before, 1 pm out of respect for other users.

Director time (consulting, data acquisition, etc.) - $36/hr

No fees will be charged in collaborations leading to possible publications.

The following equipment fees will be assessed based on login/logoff times:

Bio-Rad Radiance Multiphoton Microsope - $22.94/hr, E015E Given

Computer Usage - $4/hr 8 am - 6 pm, $2/hr other times

Electrophysiology Brain Slice Rig - $5.70/hr, 413 HSRF

Andor Imaging Workstation - $4.12/hr, E015B Given

PTI Monochromator - $3.65/hr, E015C Given

Nikon TIRF and Digidata - $5.51/hr, B312 Given

Dell Computer with Improvision Volocity Software - $3.54/hr, E015F Given

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