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Student Eligibility for Note Taking Accommodation

To be eligible for the Note Taking accommodation, students must be SAS Students or students with a temporary disability. Both require appropriate documentation to determine eligibility for use.

SAS Students

SAS Students with approved accommodations from their SAS Specialist qualify to receive the Note Taking accommodation.

SAS Students must:

  • Provide instructors with a copy of their accommodation letters at the beginning of each semester.
  • Submit requests for Note Taking via the myACCESS student web portal.
  • Check quality, consistency and timeliness of notes early and often! We don’t always know if there is an issue or concern with notes in a particular class unless YOU let us know. Don't wait until you need notes to check on their upload status – at that point it may be too late to work through your concern in time for an upcoming test or exam.

Temporary Students

Students with a temporary disability which hinders their ability to take notes, or have been absent from class(es) due to an extended illness may be eligible to receive temporary Note Taking accommodations.

Temporary Students must:

  • Contact the SAS Office to verify your temporary disability and obtain appropriate permissions to use our services.
    • Call (802) 656-7753
    • Visit Living/Learning A170
  • If eligible, students may then submit requests for Note Taking accommodations for each of their courses via the myACCESS student web portal.

Student Expectations

Attend class (unless your accommodation states otherwise). Your accommodation for Note Taking services does NOT replace your attendance in class. This accommodation is meant to supplement your own notes, fill in any gaps that you miss during a class lecture and provide you with equal access in the classroom. 

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