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Note Takers

Peer Note Takers are current UVM students who volunteer to provide their class notes for courses in which they are already enrolled, and in which a request for Note Taking services has been made.  Notes provide support to SAS students with documented disabilities and supplement their own course notes.

Becoming a Peer Note Taker is a rewarding way to become more involved in the UVM community.  Not only do a Peer Note Taker’s services provide support to their classmates, but it enriches the Peer Note Taker’s experience in the classroom by encouraging more thorough, quality notes.  Volunteering as a Peer Note Taker is also a great resume builder and provides the opportunity to gain invaluable transferrable skills.

If you’re interested in becoming a Peer Note Taker, please visit the myACCESS Student Login and select the icon for Note Takers to submit your enrolled courses each semester and upload sample notes.  SAS students may view your sample notes and select you as their Peer Note Taker for a course, at which time you will be notified via automated email and may then begin submitting your course notes following each lecture.

Note Taker Expectations

  • It is important to the success in your role as a Peer Note Taker that you maintain open communication with the Note Taking Program.  Please check your email at least once per day and respond to any communication from the Note Taking Program.
  • Attendance is a must!  You are required to attend every scheduled class session for the course in which you are registered to take notes.  If you miss a class, it is your role as a Peer Note Taker to get the notes, of the same or better quality, from someone else in the class (i.e. friend, peer, TA) for the missed class session and submit them as you normally would.
    • If you will need to miss class for an extended period of time, please inform the Note Taking Program in advance of your absence, or as soon as possible, so that a substitute Note Taker may be put in place prior to your leave.
    • We also ask that you attend any review sessions and take notes, whenever your schedule allows.  If there is a review session scheduled and you are unable to attend, please let the Note Taking Program know ahead of time, so that we may find another Note Taker to provide notes for that session.
  • Peer Note Takers must take clear, accurate, detailed/thorough and legible notes.  Some guidelines of what the Note Taking Program expects:
    • Notes should be typed, if possible.  You may receive a specific request to type notes, in which case this is required.  (Some classes, i.e. math or chemistry, may be formula/drawing intensive and may not allow for typed notes; this is okay!)
    • Notes should include: key points, descriptions of concepts in your own words, diligent notation of anything the professor writes on the board, and any other pertinent information presented.  This includes any homework assignments, upcoming exam reminders and/or review sessions, etc.
    • If symbols and/or abbreviations are used, they must be described in a key.
  • Notes are expected to be submitted in a timely manner, ideally following each class session; at minimum once per week.
    • On days when there are no notes (i.e. class was cancelled, exam, etc.) the Note Taker is expected to email to inform the Note Taking Program of the missing notes.
  • Login to the myACCESS Student Portal and follow online instructions to submit notes. For handwritten notes, please visit the Universal Design Technology Lab (UDTL) located in Bailey-Howe Library, room 200 to manually scan notes to yourself for upload.
    • Photos of individual notes pages are not acceptable, therefore handwritten must be scanned and submitted as one document per lecture date, not as individual uploads with the same date – please type notes or stop by to scan! This aids in ease-of-access as it creates one concise document corresponding with the lecture date. It also cuts down on the amount of time you will spend uploading documents!
    • If you would like to scan notes from home, please ensure that your personal system has a "Continuous Scan" feature to allow you to scan multiple pages into one document for each lecture date. There are many (free!) apps available, such as Genius Scan - PDF Scanner, which allow you to scan multiple pages into one straight from your device!

  • In the event that a Peer Note Taker drops or withdraws from a class, for any reason, it is expected that the Note Taker inform the Note Taking Program, as soon as possible, so that a replacement Note Taker may be put in place.


Peer Note Takers are eligible to receive 45 hours of community service credit for each course in which they are registered and selected by a student as their note taker. Community service credit will be awarded via certificate at the end of each semester and is contingent on thorough and timely notes submission throughout the entire semester. Following the completion of a minimum of four (4) successful semesters providing notes, Peer Note Takers will become eligible to receive a community service cord to wear with their Commencement regalia. Peer Note Takers are also eligible for other fun incentive opportunities announced via email throughout the semester.

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