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Students with documented disabilities work with an Student Accessibility Specialist to determine reasonable and appropriate accommodations.  At the University of Vermont, one of the largest accommodations is Note Taking.  UVM’s Note Taking Program works to match students’ requests for notes with the appropriate level of note taking services.

SAS Students may be matched with either a Peer Note Taker (a student in the same course/section as the student requesting services), a professional quality Note Taker (may also be a peer in the same course/section), or a TypeWell transcriber who provides a transcript of each class lecture.  Teaching Assistants in a course may also be utilized as Note Takers.

Note Taking Accommodation: Overview for Faculty

Accommodation Letters

SAS students are encouraged to send their instructor(s) a copy of their accommodation letter as early as possible in the semester.  Accommodation letters will list each of a student’s accommodations pertaining to that course.  SAS students and faculty are encouraged to meet one-on-one to review the student’s accommodation letters.  We encourage faculty members to discuss any questions or concerns with the student.  If the faculty member has any questions related to the Note Taking Program, we encourage them to email us at  If the faculty member has a question about the accommodation(s) and how they impact the integrity of the course, please contact the SAS specialist listed on the accommodation letter at 802-656-7753 as soon as possible.

The Process of Getting a Note Taker

SAS students submit requests for Note Taking services via their myACCESS web portal.  Students, faculty and the Note Taking Program will receive an automated email indicating that a request for notes has been submitted. Upon receipt of this email, faculty should follow the instructions detailed in the email to help facilitate the process of securing a Peer Note Taker in the course/section.

Student Attendance & Purpose of Notes

A student’s accommodation for Note Taking services does NOT replace their attendance in class (unless specifically stated in their accommodation letter).  This accommodation is meant to supplement a student’s own notes, fill in any gaps that they may miss during a class lecture and provide a student with equal access to lecture(s).

If a faculty member becomes concerned about a student’s attendance and the student is not responding to the faculty member, please contact the student’s SAS Specialist and/or the Note Taking Program as soon as possible.  We will work to help facilitate communication between the appropriate parties.


Notes are submitted by Note Takers via the myACCESS web portal and notes are housed on a secure database.  Students are only granted access to the notes for classes in which they are enrolled.

Suggestions for Faculty

On the first day of class, it is helpful if the faculty member provides a general reminder to the entire class regarding the need to release accommodation letters as soon as possible in the semester.  In addition, it is often helpful for the faculty member to explain the importance of discussing with the student how the accommodations apply to the course.  Many professors choose to list their expectations concerning SAS accommodations on their syllabus and provide a verbal reminder during the first class session/syllabus review.  Faculty members are encouraged to use the SAS statement in the syllabus.


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