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Student Eligibility for EPC Use

To be eligible for use of the Exam Proctoring Center (EPC), students taking exams for UVM courses must be SAS Students or students with a temporary disability. Both require appropriate documentation to determine eligibility for use. The EPC also offers Courtesy Exam proctoring services for students taking non-UVM exams.

SAS Students

SAS Students with approved accommodations from their SAS Specialist qualify to use the EPC.

SAS Students must:

  • Provide instructors with a copy of their accommodation letters at the beginning of each semester and obtain approval from instructors to use the EPC. Instructors reserve the right to provide alternate testing accommodations at a location within their department.
  • Submit Exam Scheduling Requests a minimum of four (4) days in advance of the requested exam date, via the myACCESS student web portal.
  • Exam requests for less than four (4) days away are considered late requests. Students must contact the EPC to submit a late Exam Scheduling Request. SAS Specialists and EPC staff are available to work with students on scheduling future exams in advance.
    • To schedule a late request (less than 4-days prior to your test date) your instructor MUST submit written permission to the EPC regarding their approval of your test date/time.
    • Late requests MUST be scheduled a minimum of two (2) business days in advance of your test date. We will not permit any same-day or next-day test booking requests. (For example, a test for Monday must be booked by Thursday at the latest; a test for Wednesday must be booked by Friday; and a test for Friday must be booked by Tuesday).
  • To reschedule a previously booked test your instructor MUST submit written permission to the EPC regarding their approval of your new test date/time.
    • Rescheduling of any test must be done a minimum of two (2) days prior to your new test date, unless you have an accommodation permitting rescheduling. We will not permit any same-day or next-day scheduling changes. (For example, a test for Monday must be rescheduled by Thursday at the latest; a test for Wednesday must be rescheduled by Friday; and a test for Friday must be rescheduled by Tuesday).

Temporary Students

Students with a temporary disability which hinders their ability to take exams, or an extended illness may be permitted to use the EPC.

Temporary Students must:

  • Contact the SAS Office to verify your temporary disability and obtain appropriate permissions to use our services.
    • Call (802) 656-7753
    • Visit Living/Learning A170
  • Discuss use of the EPC with your instructor and obtain instructor permission, prior to submitting an exam scheduling request.
  • Schedule exam requests a minimum of four (4) days in advance, if possible, via the myACCESS student web portal. Visit the EPC with scheduling questions or concerns, or if your exam is less than 1-week away.
    • Indicate any special accommodations needed (i.e. computer, scribe, etc.)

Non-Eligible Students

The EPC does not have space nor resources necessary to accommodate students who do not qualify for our services, or qualifying students who do not schedule their exam(s) in advance. Instructors should NOT send students to the EPC for testing without contacting the EPC first.

The EPC does NOT provide proctoring services for: varsity or club athletes, academic team members, International or USPP students, UVM students with travel plans that conflict with scheduled exams or UVM students with class/lab conflicts that interfere with scheduled exams. Students who must take exams outside of scheduled exam times and who do not fall into one of the EPC-eligible student categories must make arrangements to take their tests with their instructor, independent of the EPC.

EPC Usage Guidelines

Successful use of the EPC requires adherence to our Exam Proctoring Center Rules & Conditions and the University of Vermont’s Code of Academic Integrity.

These guidelines should be reviewed at the start of each semester. Any questions or concerns regarding your rights and responsibilities surrounding EPC use should be addressed with EPC Staff and/or your SAS Specialist.

Any student testing at the EPC will be required to show their CatCard or other form of photo identification when checking in for their exams. Students should arrive at their scheduled exam time prepared to present their ID – this will expedite the check-in process for all students.

Surveillance equipment is in operation during testing hours. If EPC staff suspect any breach in test integrity or other suspicious behavior the EPC will report ALL incidents to faculty and surveillance footage may be reviewed. In more serious cases, the Center for Student Ethics and Standards (CSES) may become involved, at the instructor's discretion.

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