UVM Band Trip to Europe
  January 4 - 12, 2009

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January 4 - 5: BOSTON / FRANKFURT / ROME

Lufthansa flights from Boston's Logan Airport (Terminal E) to Rome International Airport (Fiumicino/Leonardo da Vinci) via Frankfurt Airport:

LH 423     Boston – Frankfurt        4:25PM / 5:30AM (Arrives January 5th)

LH 3840    Frankfurt – Rome         7:30AM – 9:15AM

TreviFountainAfter landing at Rome Airport, we pass through customs and immigration formalities. We'll meet our trip director and coach driver and have an orientation bus tour of Rome. Nowhere more than in Rome can one get a sense of the continuity of Italian civilization. In the streets or on the piazza, in the gardens and churches, or in front of the palaces, the visitor will understand why Rome has always considered itself a capital, eternally renewing herself and finding strength in her rich past. Enjoy a stroll from the Piazza della Republica to see the Fountain of the Nayads and the Trevi Fountain (one of the most famous scences from Fellini's 1960 movie "La Dolce Vita" takes place at the fountain). Continue on foot to see some historic buildings including La Colonna di Marco Aurelio, the Palazzo di Montecitorio, the Pantheon and Piazza Navona. Lunch will be planned during your visit today. Afterward, depart for the Hotel Luciani and check in where your dinner is served this evening.  Rehearsal will be scheduled before or after dinner.

Breakfast aboard the flight, Lunch provided, Dinner at the Hotel Luciani.  Overnight Rome.

Hotel Luciani
Via Milazzo, 8
00185 Rome, Italy
Tel.: 011 39.06.491327   Fax: 011 

Tuesday, January 6: ROME

This morning we'll visit the most famous monument in this capital city, the Colosseum, which is the famed battleground of the gladiators and to some the sight of the martyrdomof early Christians. It was the first permanent amphitheater to be built in Rome and consisted of a vast ellipse with tiers of seating for 50,000 spectators around a central arena. Its monumental size and grandeur as well as its practical and efficient organization for producing spectacles and controlling the large crowds make it one of the great architectural monuments achieved by the ancient Romans. Located beside the Colosseum is the Roman Forum, which
was the center of political, commercial and judicial life in ancient Rome.

Afterwards enjoy the festivities of Epiphany.  In Italian, La Festa dell'Epifania on January 6th is as significant a holiday as  Christmas Day in Italy: especially for Italian children! According to the Italian legend, La Befana,a witch-like woman riding on a broom, refused to join the Wise Men on their journey to see the baby Jesus. When she regrets her decision, she sets out to bring gifts to the Child but never finds him. Instead, she leaves gifts for other children. Italian children leave out their shoes or put up stockings for the Befana to fill them with presents on January 6th. In honor of the Three Wise Men, Italians go to church and spend the day with family. After Epiphany, the long, festive Italian holiday season comes to a close. Witness the sight in the largest square of Rome, Piazza Navona, where you will see the Befana represented in many forms at the Christmas Market.

Breakfast at the Hotel, Lunch and Dinner
on your own.  Overnight Rome.

Wednesday, January 7: ROME
St. Peters
This morning after breakfast, we'll tour the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel, which is one of the most splendid museums in the world. Begin your visit with the Corte della Pigna where your expert guide will introduce you to the history and beauty of the Sistine Chapel. Continue your tour to see the hall featuring Greco-Roman sculptures, the Hall of Tapestries, featuring magnificent 16th century Flemish tapestries executed from Raphael's designs; and the Maps Gallery, a 120-foot long gallery, hung with interesting ancient maps. The completion of the tour occurs in the Sistine Chapel, the Pope's official private chapel where election conclaves are held. In order to respect its reverence, the Vatican has requested silence during your visit. Be sure to view Michelangelo's “Creation" and the famous “Last Judgment” before leaving the Chapel. Upon exiting the chapel, you'll find yourselves at the most western end of St. Peter's Square, one of the most beautiful and famous in the world, surrounded by Bernini's imposing colonnade that seems to "embrace" it with its 284 columns. In the background stands the massive structure of the with its gigantic facade, the largest church in Christendom. Enjoy an elevator ride to the domed roof of St. Peter Basilica.

Late afternoon Concert at the Instituto Romano di San Michele, Rome.
Breakfast at the Hotel, Lunch and Dinner on your own.  Overnight Rome.

Thursday, January 8: NAPLES

Cimarosa Conservatory

Today we'll check out of our hotel and depart for Naples in the Italian region of Campania. In the afternoon a performance and meeting with students and faculty at the Music Conservatory in Avellino (named after the composer Domenico Cimarosa) is planned.

Breakfast and Dinner at the hotels, Lunch on your own.  Overnight Naples.

Hotel Cavour
Piazza Garibaldi, 32
Napoli, Italy   80142
Tel: 011 39 081 283122
Fax: 011 39 081 287488

Friday, January 9: CAPRICapri

After breakfast in the hotel, we'll board a local steamer to sail across the blue Bay of Naples to the fabled Isle of Capri. Enjoy a scenic ride on the island and visit Anacapari at the topmost point of the island. After descending to the town, visit the floral Gardens of Augustus. There will be free time for lunch & shopping before returning to Naples.

Breakfast at the Hotel, Lunch and Dinner on your ownOvernight Naples.


Saturday, January 10: POMPEII / SORRENTO

PompeiiThis morning after breakfast we'll meet the Commander Naval Forces Europe Band for a workshop and concert.

Afterwards we'll visit Pompeii, in the Italian region of Campania. Upon arrival begin a tour of this ruined Roman city. It was destroyed, and completely buried, during a catastrophic eruption of the volcano Mount Vesuvius on August 24 in 79 AD. The volcano buried Pompeii under many meters of ash, and it was lost for 1,600 years before its accidental rediscovery in 1748. Since then, its excavation has provided an extraordinarily detailed insight into the life of a city at the height of the Roman Empire. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Continue on to Sorrento located over white steep cliffs with a fantastic view over the Bay of Naples. It lies on a Tufa terrace and is enclosed by impressive rocks of the limestone mountains.  Sorrento has been the favorite destination of such luminaries of European culture as Lord Byron, Keats, Goethe, Dickens, Wagner, Ibsen and Nietzsche. At the start of the 20th century, agriculture was given a second wind, thanks to intensive cultivation of citrus fruits, which were exported throughout the Italian peninsula and overseas.

 Breakfast at the Hotel, Lunch and Dinner on your ownOvernight Naples.

Sunday, January 11: NAPLES / ROME
After breakfast, we'll check out of the hotel and return to Rome,
where our trip will conclude with a free day to take in whatever sights you missed earlier.

Festive farewell dinner together at the hotel.

Breakfast at the Hotel Cavour (Naples), Lunch on your own, Dinner at the Hotel Luciani (Rome).  Overnight Rome.

Monday, January 12: RETURN FLIGHT
Very early morning check-out, then departure from 
Rome International Airport (Fiumicino/Leonardo da Vinci) to Boton's Logan Airport (Terminal E) via Frankfurt:

LH 3853     Rome – Frankfurt         6:50 AM / 8:50 AM
LH 422       Frankfurt – Boston       10:20 AM / 2:20 PM