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The Vermont Wind Ensemble was founded at the University of Vermont in 1979 by Dr. Herbert Schultz. The membership of the ensemble includes advanced Music Department students, alumni of the university, area music teachers, and dedicated community members, and has performed at two conventions of The Association of Concert Bands, as well as regular performances on campus and in the community. The first concert was in February of 1980, and among the forty-two founding members, five still perform with the group today: James Heininger, Joanne Irwin, Susan O’Daniel, Pamela Miller, and Dean Williams.


Alan Parshley, A322 Music Building, Phone: 656-2280, e-mail:


Auditions take place during the first week of each semester by appointment with Professor Parshley. You should plan to play a two octave scale of your choice to demonstrate tone quality and range; approximately three minutes of a standard solo work for your instrument; sight reading from standard wind literature. UVM students are given priority over non-UVM people for acceptance into the ensemble (Note: students who perform in the Vermont Wind Ensemble are required to also perform in the UVM Concert Band). While it is hoped that everyone who is qualified will be offered a spot in the group, ensemble balance issues will occasionally make that impossible.

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2015-16 Concert Schedule

Location: UVM Music Building Recital Hall, Redstone Campus

Alan Parshley, Director

Sunday, November 15, 7:30 pm

For the fall 2015 concert, The Vermont Wind Ensemble offers a program of “Musical Adventures”. Offerings include “Land of the Long White Cloud”, a musical description of New Zealand, musical portraits inspired by five of the characters from Melville’s novel Moby Dick in “Of Sailors and Whales”, and a day at a historic New England amusement park in “Rocky Point Holiday”. Music by Steven Bryant, Robert W. Smith, and John Philip Sousa are also included on the program.

Musical Adventures

Steven Bryant, Ecstatic Fanfare
Frances McBeth, Of Sailors and Whales
Robert W. Smith, By Loch and Mountain
Philip Sparke, Land of the Long White Cloud
John Philip Sousa, The Invincible Eagle
Ron Nelson, Rocky Point Holiday

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