University of Vermont

Department of Music and Dance

Licensure Portfolio

In order to successfully complete the B.S. in Music Education Program and be recommended for licensure, students must complete and present their portfolio at a Licensure Roundtable Portfolio Presentation during their final semester at UVM.

The Level I Teaching Licensure Portfolio consists of six entries:

  1. Entry 1 - Analyzing the Learning Environment
  2. Entry 2 - Accommodating Students Identified as Having Special Needs
  3. Entry 3 - Colleagueship and Advocacy
  4. Entry 4 - Teaching Episodes
  5. Entry 5 - Teaching Over Time
  6. Entry 6 - Reflection and Vision

These entries are explicitly aligned with the Five Standards for Vermont Educators and the 16 Principles for Vermont Educators. They provide all candidates seeking licensure as teachers the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and dispositions.

The above Level I Teaching Licensure Portfolio information was taken directly from the Vermont Department of Education website. Detailed information regarding each of these entry areas and how to document them in the portfolio are provided online at the Vermont Department of Education website.

For additional information regarding Vermont Professional Level I Teaching License or licensing procedures for wherever you are planning to teach, students should visit the College of Education and Social Services (CESS) Student Services Office.

Criteria for Recommendation for Licensure

Students will be recommended for licensure upon completion of their program of study and other University of Vermont and licensure requirements.


  • Successful completion of Level I Teaching Licensure Portfolio
  • Grade of B or better in the Teaching Internship (MU290)
  • Recommendation by University Supervisor and Mentor Teacher (Teaching Internship)
  • Overall GPA of 3.0*
  • Passing of Praxis II

*There is an appeal process for those who do not have a 3.0. Information is available in Student Services, Room 528 Waterman

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